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I am Not A Bad Mother

I went out with my friends for drink for the first time in two years and the next day I get a message from my mom asking me how my night was and how she hopes that my going out won't be a regular thing. She then continues that it won't be good for Liam… Continue reading I am Not A Bad Mother

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Three Halloweens In A Year

I love Halloween. I mean, costumes and candies, what's not to love. It makes it extra fun that I have a toddler I can dress up and then use an excuse to get candy from people. I started thinking about Liam's costume on September but never really decided on anything cause I didn't know where… Continue reading Three Halloweens In A Year

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Complications Of Traveling With A Toddler

It really doesn't matter where you're going, whether you're going overseas or to the grocery store. Traveling with a toddler is complicated. I think it may even be more difficult than traveling with an infant. With infants you can somehow predict how they'll be cause they have a strict routine of sleeping, eating and pooping.… Continue reading Complications Of Traveling With A Toddler

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How We Spent Easter

It wasn't Liam's first Easter but it's the first Easter that counts cause last year he was just three months old and we didn't really put a lot of effort into it. We did buy bunny ears and took a picture of him then made it into a postcard to send to people but other… Continue reading How We Spent Easter