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Moving Out Of Our Off Base House: Our PCS Adventure

As soon as I got a hard copy of our orders, I started scheduling all the shit that's related to a PCS move. Those moving back to the States need to schedule their pack out months before but because our move is considered a local transfer, we were able to schedule it a lot closer… Continue reading Moving Out Of Our Off Base House: Our PCS Adventure

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How To Osaka With Family

For Liam's second birthday, we didn't throw him a party. Instead, we took a family trip to Osaka. Why Osaka? Well, for one, we never been there. Second, we're PCS-ing by September to who knows where so this might be our only chance to while we're still here. Then third, Liam LOVES Elmo. There's a… Continue reading How To Osaka With Family

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Three Halloweens In A Year

I love Halloween. I mean, costumes and candies, what's not to love. It makes it extra fun that I have a toddler I can dress up and then use an excuse to get candy from people. I started thinking about Liam's costume on September but never really decided on anything cause I didn't know where… Continue reading Three Halloweens In A Year