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2 Weeks Notice: Finally, Our Turn

Every year, we say see-you-later to friends as they leave for their new duty station but this PCS season it's our turn. Honestly, I can't wait to move. I'm over Yokosuka and moving can't come in a much better time. We desperately need a change of environment but at the same time, it's making my… Continue reading 2 Weeks Notice: Finally, Our Turn

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How To Osaka With Family

For Liam's second birthday, we didn't throw him a party. Instead, we took a family trip to Osaka. Why Osaka? Well, for one, we never been there. Second, we're PCS-ing by September to who knows where so this might be our only chance to while we're still here. Then third, Liam LOVES Elmo. There's a… Continue reading How To Osaka With Family