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Moving Out Of Our Off Base House: Our PCS Story

As soon as I got a hard copy of our orders, I started scheduling all the shit that's related to a PCS move. Those moving back to the States need to schedule their pack out months before but because our move is considered a local transfer, we were able to schedule it a lot closer… Continue reading Moving Out Of Our Off Base House: Our PCS Story

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I am Not A Bad Mother

I went out with my friends for drink for the first time in two years and the next day I get a message from my mom asking me how my night was and how she hopes that my going out won't be a regular thing. She then continues that it won't be good for Liam… Continue reading I am Not A Bad Mother

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2 Weeks Notice: Finally, Our Turn

Every year, we say see-you-later to friends as they leave for their new duty station but this PCS season it's our turn. Honestly, I can't wait to move. I'm over Yokosuka and moving can't come in a much better time. We desperately need a change of environment but at the same time, it's making my… Continue reading 2 Weeks Notice: Finally, Our Turn

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A LittleBreak

For the last two years and five months, Liam and I have been inseparable. The longest we've been apart was half a day. I was never comfortable leaving him with people (even if those people are my relative or friends). I get intense separation anxiety to the point that I half ass whatever it is I… Continue reading A LittleBreak

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Typical Family Valentine

I used to spend my Valentine's Day going out with friends for dinner or just out drinking. It wasn't because I didn't have a boyfriend but because my boyfriends were either busy with school or just somewhere really far. I never got flowers cause I tell boys I date that I don't like getting flowers… Continue reading Typical Family Valentine


A Fresh New Start

I did it! I bought my own domain. It's something I've been meaning to do since the beginning but because I have such a bad record at following through on things, I put it off. I wanted to test whether it's something I'll stick to. Thank God, I did. As of today, I've moved most… Continue reading A Fresh New Start