Christmas Tree Of My Dreams and All That Jazz

We’re spending it in Japan again; it’ll be our third Christmas in Japan but our first here in Atsugi.

I’m all for the holidays, I love the lights, the decor, the traditions, the hot chocolate, and the festive songs. If I had my way, I’ll have Christmas music playing all day long. I feel all sorts of happy when I start seeing stores displaying holiday items. Growing up, we never really had a Christmas tree, traditions or really celebrated Christmas, my dad wasn’t into stuff like that, for him those things are just “arte”.

We live in the first level of a garden apartment on base. We share common spaces with three neighbors and can only put up decorations in areas that are “ours” which basically means our backyard and our front door. I would have loved to put up decorations in our back yard but it didn’t make sense to put up outside decor that only we can see since only the bottom half of our yard is visible from the street. I had to settle on indoor decorations for this year.

During the move, we ditched our two year old 3 feet artificial tree. The husband and I agreed that we’ll get a much bigger tree this year since we’ll have the space for it. The local NEX started putting out artificial Christmas trees at the start of November, it was like they skipped Thanksgiving. I dragged the husband there every week of November to check what items they’ve put out. The selections were very limited so I even made the husband drive to the nearest Army Exchange so I can compare prices and see if they had other options.

Two days after Black Friday, Christmas trees and decorations went on sale for half the original price. It was only for a day so I forced myself out of bed at 830 in the morning to go because it was a one day sale and we had somewhere to go that afternoon. If we didn’t have to be somewhere that afternoon I wouldn’t have bothered to go early, it wasn’t like people will mob the store. The husband and Liam were still asleep when I left the house. I got to the store a little past 9 and not a lot of people were there. There were a two men buying live trees and two others who were looking at ornaments and me.


I set aside money to buy Christmas stuff but because the husband was hinting that I shouldn’t spend too much on decorations for this year I decided to limit myself to a $150 budget. I had my eye on the snow frosted 8ft tree but it was close to $450, even at half off I would be over budget so I gave up on it. I was set in getting a 7ft tree cause I wanted the tree to be taller than us when we take pictures. It’s no like the husband and I are 6 footer but I was determined in getting a big tree. You would think that since the selection was limited and that I’ve been checking what they had in the store in a weekly basis prior to the sale, I would have gotten all my shopping done quick, then you don’t know how indecisive I can be. I was so focused on my budget that I couldn’t decide if I should get a pre-lit tree or not. There was a $75 difference that I was trying to figure was worth it cause it was more money to spend on other things like lights that the tree wouldn’t have. It took me a good 10 minutes to think that over and when I decided to just go with the pre-lit one so I wouldn’t have to buy lights I had another decision I had to think over. The store didn’t the trees plugged in so I didn’t have anything for reference, I couldn’t decided if I wanted a basic lit tree or the multi colored one, that decision took me another 10 minutes. In the end, I ended up with 7.5ft multicolored pre-lit tree.

I saved our ornaments from the previous tree which were reds and golds, so I just went with the same color scheme. I wanted to do pinks and champagnes but the store didn’t have any. I’ll just add on the color next year. There was still room in the budget which allowed me to buy special non-ball ornaments. I opted on not buying garlands and a wreath since I couldn’t figure out where to put them. When I was finally done, I was under budget and was very pleased with my purchases.


I was planning on setting everything up when I get home so that when the boys wake up they’ll be greeted to a Christmas-fied living room but before I finish fluffing the bottom part of the tree, they woke up. They ended up helping me set it up which wasn’t too bad cause Liam put up most of the ornaments on the bottom of the tree.

After a bit of discussion, we ended up putting the tree right beside the entry table. The husband wanted to put it in the corner beside the tv stand but I wanted it at the center of the room, that way I can see it when I open the door and when I walk out of the bedroom every morning. Not gonna lie, the tree seemed huge for the space but I loved that it was so big that you have to notice it when you’re in the living room.

Belated Merry Christmas!!

How was your holidays?


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