Navy Lodge Living: Our PCS Adventure

After moving out of our off base house, “home” was the Navy Lodge. The Navy Lodge is almost always fully booked especially during PCS season with is around September. Good thing, I reserved a room for us months before. So if you need a room, it’s better to call ahead as soon as possible cause even a day makes a difference in room availability.

We were allotted 10 days of temporary housing allowance during our the process of PCS-ing out of Yokosuka but we only planned to stay for 5. We just needed to wait for the husband’s check out paperwork to be finalize and to get the deposit from our off base house back.

The room we got at Yokosuka was one on the first floor and it had a queen size bed and a bunk bed. It didn’t have a kitchenette though, it only had a microwave and a coffee maker. We had no choice but to eat out most days. It’s a good thing we were just moving to another base in Japan so we got to keep our car. Having a car when you’re staying at the Navy Lodge in Yokosuka is a big deal since the Lodge is all the way at the back part of the base, far from everything. If you happen to stay there and don’t have a car yet, there’s a free bus shuttle that stops right by the lodge which will take you around base. If you’re not a fan of the bus, you can always call a cab to pick you up, just be warned that it might get pretty expensive. There wasn’t a laundry room on our floor so we had to use the one in the other floor. It was a little inconvenient especially I had to drag my kid around with me every time I needed to check on the laundry.

It was a good thing we were only moving locally. We checked out at Yokosuka and packed our car with all our junk and then drove an hour to our new “home” base and another to another Navy Lodge. I had to call a month ahead to make sure we got our room in Yokosuka but in Atsugi I only called when week before we needed a room. I don’t know if it just so happens that they have room or they’re not that busy. Again, we had 10 days of temporary housing but unlike Yokosuka we needed all of that 10 days cause we don’t know how long we were gonna wait to get housing.

In Navy Lodge Atsugi, our room was on the second floor, had two queen beds, a kitchenette, a shower and bath and we were given a welcome basket with instant noodles and an assortment of cereals for breakfast. The Lodge in Atsugi is right by everything (Navy Exchange, Commissary, and lots of restaurants) so it didn’t really matter whether you have a car or not.

Both Navy Lodges offered free breakfast and coffee in the morning which you can take back to your room but don’t expect too much. It’s mostly boiled egg, a few muffins and bagels and fruits which is still better than nothing. Housekeeping come REAL early so we always wake up to a know on our door every time we forget to put the do not disturb sign on the door. Living in the Lodge was’t so bad but I have to admit that I couldn’t wait to get our own house and start settling in.


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