Moving Out Of Our Off Base House: Our PCS Adventure

As soon as I got a hard copy of our orders, I started scheduling all the shit that’s related to a PCS move. Those moving back to the States need to schedule their pack out months before but because our move is considered a local transfer, we were able to schedule it a lot closer to our move out date.

The navy was suppose to send someone to inventory our things before the actual pack out date but due to whatever, no one came and we just did it over the phone. The guy on the phone either was not interested or was in a hurry cause he half-assed it which is probably why only two Japanese movers came to pack our shit. They got there later than they were suppose to be which wouldn’t be a problem if there were more of them and we didn’t have too much stuff. I think that even the movers were overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done cause there mood was gloomy and they brought a small truck with them. I remember looking out from our balcony asking the husband if our things will fit in that small truck.


They got there at around 9 and by 2 o’clock there were still packing our living room and guest room. I was getting very anxious watching them work cause Liam was with me the whole time. I had to keep him away from them the entire time. We couldn’t cook a meal anymore so the husband was in and out of the house the whole day buying food and doing errands on the ship.

They called reinforcements by 3 o’clock and it was when the real work began. They only had a few hours before the place where they were gonna drop off our things was about to close so they they were in a hurry. One guy was packing our bedroom, another was doing our kitchen, another was doing our tatami room and another was bringing down boxes to the truck. Then during all the chaos, the people who were delivering our loaner furniture arrived. There were men packing our things in every room and these two guys are bringing in furniture, it was a complete mess.


I was so worried and tired from all the doing nothing and supervising, that I was ready to have them out of the house and for the day to be over with. I was so over the whole thing that I told them to not even bother packing the things in our pantry and just dealt with it myself. Everyone left by 5 o’clock and I couldn’t be happier, I wanted to just crash on the bed and  fast forward to tomorrow.

We had three more days in our house. We were gonna use those three days to clean the place up a bit before we surrendered the keys to our agent. With all the damage to our floors and the scratches on our walls, we weren’t expecting on getting our full security deposit. We would be lucky enough to get even half. Japanese people have very high standards. They expect you to return the house the same exact condition you moved in, as in not any sign of wear from three years of living there.

We had to borrow a map and a vacuum from our friends cause the movers took ours. Actually, they even took the microwave we said they should leave behind. We were living   with things we packed in our suitcases and those shit I didn’t let them pack. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. The hardest part was figuring our how and what to eat.

The day before we were gonna move out, we set up Liam to be babysat so we could get actual cleaning done. Aside from cleaning, we were also planning to fix the sliding screen door Liam broke years ago. The husband had to Youtube how to do it hoping that it will cost us less to fix it ourselves than how much our agent might charge us for it. The actual cleaning didn’t start till in the afternoon. It was already time to pick Liam up and we haven’t done more than half of the work that we were hoping to accomplish for the day.


After a few rounds of mopping and vacuuming we gave up trying to fool ourselves that it’s making a big difference. It wasn’t like the agent won’t see through it anyway. In our defense, our floors did look a lot better than before we put in the effort.

On the actual day of the move out, the loaner furniture got picked up in the morning and then the utility companies arrived one-by-one for the final reading and settling of the final bill. In the afternoon, The husband drove Liam and me to the Navy Lodge on base to settle into while he meets with our agent himself.

As predicted, during the final inspection, the agent saw all the damage we were trying to hide and the areas we didn’t clean. He was suppose to give us our excess rent and what would be leftover from security deposit but because he has to have his carpenter give him an estimate on the repair, we didn’t get any of it till the following week.

I got emotional saying goodbye to that house. It was where we spend our newlywed years, where we took Liam home from the hospital, where we spend our first holidays as a family, where Liam took his first steps and all his other firsts, it was where we left we were at home.

The house gave us a lot of great memories.

If you’re PCS-ing to Yokosuka and looking into an off base house, I highly recommend using IINO Housing Agency. They were nice and treated us nicely from the start. They were always a phone call away and never took longer than a day to get back to us with our concern. If ever we get stationed there again, we’ll for sure use them again.


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