I am Not A Bad Mother

I went out with my friends for drink for the first time in two years and the next day I get a message from my mom asking me how my night was and how she hopes that my going out won’t be a regular thing. She then continues that it won’t be good for Liam to be left often. She even cautioned me that if I go out too often my MIL might have something to say about it. I get where she’s coming from but I don’t think I should feel bad about going out, especially if it’s once every two years.

The husband sometimes goes out two to three nights a week to drink with his friends and it’s not casual drinking either. He comes home drunk as a skunk and at early hours of the day (not night). I don’t see people cautioning him about it or making him feel like it makes him a bad father for choosing to spend nights out with his friends drinking instead of being home. I did it once and it already makes me a bad mother.

I was alone with Liam for three months. In those three months, I took care of him, cleaned the house, did all the chores, went to all the appointments, and all that jazz by myself. Even though my friends invite me to stay the night at their place and drink, I always choose not to because I was alone. I didn’t want to drink and then risk not being in the best of mood to take care of Liam. I don’t think I should feel bad that I made the husband stay home for one night so I can enjoy myself a little without worrying about taking care of my kid. I didn’t even drink that much or neither did I stay out late. I was home a little past midnight. I didn’t do anything I should be ashamed of so give me a break.

Why should I be treated differently for doing things the husband does on a regular basis? Just because I’m the mom? He’s a father but he’s out at night like he doesn’t have a family that’s waiting for him. Don’t give me this bull about how he needs to go out and destress cause he’s working. Does not working make me immune to stress? I’m stressed out too you know.

If you’re gonna call me out for going out at least call him out too. Just because I left my kid for a few hours to hang out with my girl friends doesn’t make me a bad mother. It just means I needed a break. A girl can only take so much before she looses her sanity completely.


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