2 Weeks Notice: Finally, Our Turn

Every year, we say see-you-later to friends as they leave for their new duty station but this PCS season it’s our turn. Honestly, I can’t wait to move. I’m over Yokosuka and moving can’t come in a much better time. We desperately need a change of environment but at the same time, it’s making my boots heavy thinking about leaving the relationships I’ve made with people. It feels like I’m walking away just when I was getting the hang of it.

We’ve known for a while already when and where we’re going but I didn’t want to jinx the whole thing by telling everyone early. I’ve been told horror stories about how plans change so often when it comes PCS-ing.

I like to think we’re one of the lucky ones; we didn’t really have any major issues with our move. The husband got his first pick of orders the first round so we didn’t have to stress about it long. The only hiccup we had was during my overseas screening, it me a while and a few hundred dollars to pass my dental screening. Luckily, we got it all done in time.

So just where are we heading to? We’re moving exactly an hour drive away from our current location. That’s right, we’re staying in Japan.

Originally, the husband wanted to go to San Diego cause that’s where all our friends who were here in Japan before transferred. I was okay with the idea. San Diego wasn’t my first pick but it wouldn’t be the worst place to be stationed. I really wanted to transfer somewhere outside the United States, Italy or Spain was my target stations. It seemed like the best change of environment I can get. Sadly though, San Diego and Spain didn’t show up when we were picking our orders, Italy did though. The other one that the husband picked was another base here in Japan. You see, as much as I’m over Japan, the husband isn’t. He wants to stay in Japan for one specific reason; it’s a short flight away from Manila.

One of the upside of moving locally is that we didn’t stress to much about the move. If we were moving States-side, we had to arrange everything months before and so much paperwork would have to be done. The movers will be coming a week from now to pack up all our things and then we’ll be turning over the keys of the house a few days after that. It’s all happening so fast.

Not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to the next three years. The husband won’t be leaving in any deployments so we’ll be able to family things without any time constraint. We’ll get to celebrate birthdays and holidays together; something we never got to do since getting married. I’m very excited about all this. Can’t wait for our fresh start.


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