Typical Family Valentine

I used to spend my Valentine’s Day going out with friends for dinner or just out drinking. It wasn’t because I didn’t have a boyfriend but because my boyfriends were either busy with school or just somewhere really far. I never got flowers cause I tell boys I date that I don’t like getting flowers unless I’m sick.

Valentine’s Day when I was in college was a big day. I went to an exclusive girls’ college. On a regular day, the only men you’ll see in the vicinity of the campus were the security guards, a few professors, coaches, and the drivers that pick up the students. On that day of the year though, you’ll see guys (each one with a bouquet of roses in hand) lined up next to the guard house waiting for their girlfriends to finish with class. We ran out of chairs in classrooms cause bouquets get seats too. Valentine’s Day was so loud that you couldn’t ignore it if you tried.

When the husband and I were still dating, we never spent Valentine’s Day together. He was always here and I was in Manila. He didn’t send me flowers or chocolates. We just Facetime and say I Love You then call it a day.

Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, we spent apart so we vowed to do better the next time. In all fairness to him, he killed that Valentine’s Day. Last year, we did a little staycation within our vacation in the Philippines.

Every Valentine we spent together, we also spent with Liam. This year wasn’t any different. Finding a babysitter on this particular day of the year is nothing short of a challenge so we don’t even bother. I didn’t bother to get the husband anything and I didn’t ask him for anything this year cause I was on my No Spend February. We just agreed to eat out that night.

Honestly, I was expecting him to get me flowers like the other Valentine and he didn’t disappoint. I was expecting it but I was still surprised that he did it. He’s not good with surprises and since he didn’t mention anything other than dinner I didn’t think he’ll go the extra mile. What made my heart melt was that Liam was the one who gave them to me. They came into the room together and my handsome some run to me holding these pretty pink roses. It was the best sight in the world.


We originally planned to go to Chilis cause it was our default restaurant. They husband had work the next day so we couldn’t go far. We ended up going to a Korean barbecue place we’ve never been. It was a bit pricey but was worth it. We did have to wait an hour for seats but the food made up for it. It was a simple yet magical night with my boys.

Going out for dinner made me realize that we weren’t alone. There were other parents going on their date night with their kids in tow, some with more than two kids too. I guess, this is pretty much how our Valentine’s Day are gonna be for the next few years. I’m not complaining. It’s just probably the reality of being  a parent.


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