No Spend February

I need money in my savings account. Really bad. The main goal for the year is to have a descent amount of money in my account by the end if the year. I haven’t been doing very well financially since the end of last year when we went to Osaka. We couldn’t hep ourselves and went a little overboard with buying souvenirs at Universal Studios, that and because it was the holidays.

No shopping has occurred since December. The last thing, I bought was my jacket from Zara. I had no intentions on buying it at first but after trying it on and seeing how nice the fur hood looked pulled up, I caved. It was a good buy though since the weather has been alarmingly cooler compared from the past years. It has came in handy a couple of times.

So where has my money been going lately, if I the last time I bought something was two months ago? Well, I’ve been making my dentist rich. I have gone to my dentist a total of five times for the past month and I actually have another appointment for tomorrow. Each visit hasn’t been cheap too. Why so many trips? The husband got picked for orders. We (unofficially) know where we’ll be sent later this year so we’ve been doing our screening for the transfer. I failed my initial dental screening so we’re fixing that. I only have one more tooth to get done so hopefully, tomorrow will be the last time I’ll be seeing my dentist for a while.

My bank account will be able to breathe properly after this one last visit. It’s the perfect time to start this NO SPEND FEBRUARY. It just started and it’s already proving to be difficult. I went by the Navy Exchange a while ago and I saw that the branch near me now carries Anastasia Beverly Hills products. I’ve been wanting to try them for so long but I have to resist. I already told the husband about this no spend thing so I have to follow through (to avoid the nagging. LOL.).

What are my rules? Simple. No shopping. Buy only the necessities. No new clothes. No new make up. No new shoes. No new anything that isn’t a necessity. The best part of this whole thing is that February is the shortest month of the year. This no shopping thing will be over soon.

Wish me luck!


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