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No more sister. She’s back home with mom and the brother. 90 days with her went by that fast and just when we had a routine worked out.

It was nice having family around. I got to be my old self, before marriage and a kid. Most importantly, I got to spend quality time with my sister. Anyone who knows me, knows how distant of a relationship my sister and I have. We look so alike but our personalities are complete 360 of each other. I have a bright and active personality and she’s the quiet keep-it-to-yourself personality. We had so many petty  fights over the years from borrowing each other’s clothes to who’s turn is it to get up first to go to school. We but heads more times than we ever got along. Our only common interest is football. I played during high school and she did too but since we’re born four years apart, by the time she started training to be part of the team, I already graduated. We never got to play together. I watched her play a couple of times and it irritated the hell of me. She played so soft and fragile.

I was looking forward to her going through her teenage years cause it was my chance to befriend her. It was the perfect opportunity but it never happened. She became even more secretive, distant and annoying. She was so secretive that we never knew she had a boyfriend of two years until they broke up. Every time we’d ask her about the guy she’ll argue that they’re just friends. We don’t even know why she was so secretive about it. It wasn’t like we don’t approve of her getting a boyfriend. Our mom was cool about things like that. We weren’t even sure they really broke up cause we just caught her crying to her cellphone one night and then she stopped sneaking out of the house.

With her visit, we were able to finally have that sister bonding experience I was wanting. I guess time is really what we needed to be able to see eye-to-eye. Now, she has similar tastes in clothes as me, she likes the same shows, she even like the same food which was near impossible before. All those girly things that frustrated her about me before she now finds interesting. She even agreed to get her hair colored and her eyebrows shaped by me. She finally understand why mom and I would always get into disagreements. She realized that I am not her enemy in life but actually her greatest ally. These three months with her, we got to have the sister relationship I always envied.

It used to be so hard for her to understand me but thanks to her, I got to sleep in as long as I liked without worrying whether or not Liam was okay, I was able to go to the gym by myself a couple of times, skipped washing plates the whole time she was here and got to shower alone (for more than 15 minutes) a few times. She became my sounding board whenever I was feeling overwhelmed with being a wife and mom. It melted my heart when she joined me in bed to give me a hug that one time the husband and I had a very bad fight. These previous months made me realize how good it was to have a sister.

As much as the trip was for sister bonding it was also about being an aunt. When we vacationed in the Philippines last year, we only got to spent a couple of days with my side of the family. I could tell they felt bad that they didn’t see us as much as they hoped, especially Liam. This is the first time they spent actual quality time with each other. The sister loved it that only took him a day to learn to say “auntie”, that he refused to sleep without his auntie by his side the first nights and that first thing in the morning he would look for her. It was so hard for her to say good bye to Liam when we dropped her off at the train station.

It’s always sad when they have to leave but the best part of it all is that we’ll be seeing her again soon and she’s always welcome to come back anytime. We’ll never turn down free child care. LOL.


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