ATM: Korean Dramas

These days you’ll either find me in bed with my laptop or hanging out in the living room with my phone in my hand watching whatever Korean drama my cousin recommended.

It’s so addicting. The storylines are nice and well thought off. Unlike the Filipino dramas I used to watched that had the same predictable plot line. It was so predictable that you didn’t have to watch every episodes to know the storyline. You’ll be able to pick it up even if you start in the middle of it.

It all started with curiosity (just like any addiction). I kept seeing people on my Facebook feed sharing Memes and screenshots of a popular drama which by now everyone have heard of already. The drama I’m talking about is Descendants of the Sun. Everyone in my feed kept posting about the lead actor and about how handsome he is and stuff. I knew nothing about this person or the drama so I googled him. I read about the plot and stuff but it didn’t appeal to me. Weeks passed by and more and more people would post about the drama so I finally caved. I asked my cousin about it and as it turned out, she was one of those people currently obsessing over it. I didn’t know how to watch the drama from here. I was so out of touch with young people that I had no idea where to watch these things online. The millennial in me decided to just search for it on Facebook and there it was the first four episodes.

I didn’t expect much when I decided to give it a try but by the end of the first episode I was hook. I wanted more. I wanted to know right away what happened next. That one episode turned into five and that afternoon turned into the next morning. I couldn’t just stop, I had no patience to wait till after I get a good night’s sleep before finding out what happens next. By the sixth episode I couldn’t find a video on Facebook anymore so I turned to Youtube. So much effort was put into watching that drama. It was during the time I was regularly going to the gym already. I lost all the will to get of bed and leave the room. I had to pry myself off the screen to feed Liam meals and to change his diaper. Good thing this obsession phase of mine happened when he was starting to play alone with his toys.

I’ve already finished a bunch of Dramas after Descendants of the Sun. I thought it’ll be fun to list them and tell you guys what I liked about them. Who knows maybe you’ll like them too?


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