26 And A Bit Broke

I just turned 26 and it’s no biggie. It doesn’t feel any different. I’m closer to 30 more than I am to 20 but I’m not worried about it. When I was much younger, I told people that 26 was my ideal age to get married. It didn’t turn out that way. I married at 23 and became a mom at 24. No regrets though cause when I like how my life turned out. It’s exactly how I wanted, everything just happened earlier that expected. My life isn’t perfect but I’m comfortable at how it’s going.

So how did I celebrate my birthday? It involved a lot of walking, a cranky toddler, fitting rooms and a lot of swiping. I was so ready for this shopping trip. I had it all planned. I knew weeks ago that I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday with anybody else aside from my sister so I made the executive decision to go shopping instead of just eating out for dinner. Also, because I get frustrated every time I pick out clothes to wear. I’m again having the “I have nothing to wear” or “nothing fits the way I want to” vibe from my closet.

This is my third birthday here and again no husband present. It’s okay cause next year is gonna be different. Shore duty can’t come any sooner. This year though since my sister is here, I have someone to celebrate with again. No party or whatever. We did buy cheesecake the night before and found birthday candles in the pantry so we did that.

It’s not a birthday without cake.

On my actual birthday is when we went to Shibuya to shop and also cause sister really wanted to see Hachiko. We went early-ish to avoid rush hour and the crowds. It is Shibuya after all.

The sister on a tokyo subway train.

I was prepared to do major damage to my bank account but sadly there weren’t that much clothes that caught my eye. Not much was on sale either. It didn’t help that my kid was cranky and would’t sit in his stroller anymore. I couldn’t enjoy the whole shopping experience cause I was busy trying to calm him down so that we won’t draw attention to ourselves. The sister wasn’t any help with Liam cause he was fussing to much for her to handle. We were only in our first store too. In the end, I got so annoyed with Liam that I just sat him in his stroller and pushed him around the store without giving too much attention. He cried a lot and real loud so that was it for not drawing attention. I was embarrassed but at the same time I didn’t care anymore. I wanted to go around the store and look at clothes. There were only a few people on that floor then so I didn’t get a lot of judging looks. He stopped crying a few minutes of walking around so we were able to finish shopping at that store. We didn’t go to another store directly after. We walked a few blocks till Liam finally fell asleep in his stroller. He slept the rest of the shopping trip. We were able to go to three more stores and buy milk tea while he was down. He woke up just when we were walking back to the train station to go home.




We stopped by McDonalds on our way home. That was my birthday dinner and I was a great ending to my birthday.



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