Good Job Self

Good job self, you were able to stick to most of the things you said you’d commit to.

Good job self, you’ve been very adult lately.

Good job self for crossing out items on your to do list that you’ve been putting off for months.

Good job self for being consistent in going to the gym, working out and trying to stay active.

Good job self for controlling your spending, only buying things you actually need, not buying things on impulse and resisting the urge to buy every time there’s a sale somewhere.

Good job self on not eating out a lot anymore and actually cooking things you buy every week from the grocery store.

Good job self on taking out the garbage often and not letting it pile up like before.

Good job self for waking up early enough to eat breakfast almost every morning.

Good job self for getting better at planning out your day.

Good job self for getting Liam to sleep at a decent hour every night and making sure he takes a lengthy nap every afternoon.

Good job self for actually having money in your savings account. Good job self for not zeroing out you checking account every month.

Good job self for making an effort to keep the house clean. It may not be effective and it may not stay clean very long but at least you’re putting effort on it this time. Good job on not letting the dishes pile up and waiting till nothing else is clean till you wash them.

Good job self! Keep it up! 

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