Life Lately: Babies, Pacifier, and More.

I was gonna do a separate posts about things but I’m a lazy ass so I’m just gonna do one big posts about it. So here goes..

  • Babies – All of our friends are pregnant. Well not all but most of them are. Ate A and Kuya R are expecting their second child sometime in September. The Dan family, after a year of actively trying and countless doctors appointments are pregnant with their first child who’s due December 26th so their Christmas is gonna be a good one for sure. Ri and SJ are expecting their baby sometime this fall. Then that couple who lived with us last March, are expecting their first baby too. See, I told you babies and more babies.

    I’m over the moon about all their pregnancies. Especially cause most of them have been wanting to start a family for so long. I didn’t get why people were so happy for us when they found out that we were expecting but now I get it. I can’t wait for them to experience the joys of being a mother. Given that I’ve only been doing for a year and a half, it’s been a wonderful year and a half. Motherhood is one of those things you have to experience to fully understand. Yeah, I’ve been blogging about it but that happiness you get from being a mother can’t be put into words. No fancy words could properly describe the joy. Liam was an unexpected blessing we didn’t ask for so I just can’t imagine the happiness our friends are feeling since they actually waited and prayed for their blessing.

  • Pacifier – Another big boy milestone for my Liam, it’s been a week since he took his pacifier. It’s a bit of a big deal cause everyone said it would be hard to make him stop with the pacifier. We were told how bad it is for Liam’s teeth development and stuff but the real reason we came to the decision that he has to lay off it is because he became so dependent to it. He never really learned to calm down without it or fall asleep and it was turning into a hassle for us. We constantly had to bring it with us and every time it would be misplaced we would be frantic. Also, it did get lost a few times which is the universe’s way of telling us to let it go. It wasn’t even a process. He went to nap one time without it, I was giving it to him but he pushed it away. I tell you, he’s acting like such a big boy now. Then that one time at nap time continued into bedtime and then the next day and the next day which is great cause it was stress free. So now, his monkey pacifier is safely tucked away in a corner of my closet all but forgotten already.
  • Park Nightmare – If you follow me on Instagram or our family blog, you’ll know we spend a lot of time at parks lately. We usually try to go to parks when there isn’t a lot of people cause if you’re a mom of a young toddler, you know how stressful it is to be around other kids who can knock over your kid anytime. I’m not saying that most of the kids at the park don’t play well with other kids but there really are some who don’t. Like this one time we were killing time at the park before a hospital appointment and I caught this one kid pinching Liam while I was standing just behind him. Before that he was running around blocking Liam’s way, pushing him out of the way of whatever part of the park Liam was playing at and I just thought I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it, maybe he was just being a kid, a very annoying kid who doesn’t like to share the playground. I follow Liam everywhere whenever we go to park not just because I’m clingy or because he might trip or fall over but I like to be able to have a clear view of whatever it is he’s doing, especially if there’s other children around. That way I can tell him to stop if he does something to other kids or when I just want him to stop doing whatever it is he’s doing. So I looked around to see where the mother of this wonderful child who’s picking on mine was and saw that she was 10 feet away at the other side of the park on her phone just as she was the moment they came to the park. I wanted to come up to her and tell her about her kid but we were gonna be late for our appointment so I just picked Liam up and went our way. I know I should have went up to her and inform her about what her child done but still, she should have gotten off her phone and checked on her child at least once since they got there which was like thirty minutes ago. Parents shouldn’t bring their child to parks where there’s other children if they’re just gonna sit in the corner and play on their phones. I do that too but when I’m home and Liam cannot hurt anyone but himself.
  • Accidental friend – The other day we went to this indoor play are at a near by mall and Liam made a friend. It was the cutest thing. Liam was just playing in the ball pit and this kid joins him and they began to play. Since that time one time at the park, I’ve been very attentive to Liam when he plays with other kids so I was afraid that the kid would cry when Liam threw balls at him and hit him on the head. The kid didn’t cry instead he threw balls back at Liam and they played the entire time we were there. It was like they understood each other. When one would go to a different area the other one would look for the other and go to wherever the other one is. The kid from what I could tell didn’t speak clearly yet but like I said they understood each other. He would repeat whatever word Liam was trying to say. When he jumps, Liam jumps, when Liam would run around in circles, he would run around too. It was the cutest thing to watch. I got to talk to the mom of the kid and she was amazed by it too. Apparently, it was the first time that her kid made a random friend too. We didn’t make plans for play dates but I feel like we’ll see them again soon.
  • Another go – Ever since that time I cried when one of friend called me fat, I’ve been very motivated to work out. It’s sad that it took that incident to make me want to do something about it but hey, lemonades. I’ve been giving the gym another go and I’m very proud of myself. I haven’t locked down a proper schedule yet but in the coming months I should be able to. I haven’t been doing anything drastic at the gym just cardio and a bit of strength training but mostly cardio. I found out when the family room isn’t crowded and that’s when I usually go. Liam either plays long enough for me to finish my cardio which is enough for now. I availed of the gym’s daycare services a few times so I got to work out outside the family room a few times. I even made the husband buy me more gym clothes cause I started having to do laundry just so I can have clothes to go to the gym. The husband finally gets my whole body issues and is very understanding this time around. He doesn’t try to motivate me anymore when we’re at the gym together. He understands how much I just get annoyed when he tries to “push” me or motivate me. He lets me do things on my own pace which takes so much pressure on me. I love him for that. Hopefully, I keep it up. I don’t notice any results yet but I do feel a hundred times better ever since starting to be active again.
  • Lastly, Deployment – This morning, I had to wake up early to drop off my husband and say goodbye to him because he’s leaving on deployment again. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night just thinking about how he was leaving in the morning. I thought that him leaving wouldn’t be such a big deal to me anymore. This will be his third deployment so I know what to expect and how to deal with it but it still gets to me. It gets me more now that Liam is becoming very aware of things. He already know how to ask for his dadi which just breaks my heart. Just this afternoon when the pizza guy (don’t judge me) rang the door bell, he ran to the monitor and shouted dada, expecting it was his dad coming home from work. I try not to think about him being gone too long cause I don’t want to be bothered about it too much. With the last deployments, I know that time will fly by fast and he’ll be here again soon. So for the meantime, lemonades. I’m make the most out of the situation and focus my time and attention on other things.

That’s pretty much it. I think you’re all caught up with my life.



2 thoughts on “Life Lately: Babies, Pacifier, and More.

  1. I read ‘Another go’ and was literally nodding my head… we’re exactly the same! I hate being “encouraged” to exercise (however well-meaning) and would rather just go at it on my own, it’s just that time is scarce with babies, work etc so I end up not doing it. 😛 Kudos on restarting and hoping I could do the same soon.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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