This Time We’re Gonna Be Adults About It

Lately, everywhere we go (random) people, after finding out how old Liam is, have the weird tendency to ask us when we plan on having another baby.

The answer is pretty simple, not soon. Having another baby is just not ideal for a current situation. I mean, the husband is away half of the time and for me to juggle being pregnant and having to take car of an active toddler by myself isn’t really appealing. I was lucky enough that when I was pregnant with Liam, I didn’t go through any form of morning sickness. I’m not sure I’ll be that lucky twice.

Do we plan to have another kid? Definitely! I want Liam to have someone to grow up with him. It’s more fun to have someone go through childhood with. As much I’ve wish I was only child when I was young, I can’t help but be thankful I have my brother and sister with me as an adult. As much as I want Liam to have a brother or sister, I just don’t see it happening soon (like I said). Right now, I’m very content with just Liam. I don’t know if I can love someone as much as I love him which is scary to think when you’re considering having another baby who also requires the same amount of love. It’s a petty issue but the thought of that possibly happening bothers me a lot. I’m fulfilled with Liam at the moment and when and if we are blessed with another baby, I’ll be more fulfilled.

Everyone keeps advising us not to wait to long to have another kid which I get. My brother and I were only two years apart, my brother and sister were two years apart too and I loved it. It was never boring growing up cause I had two playmates all throughout my childhood. All three of us grew up pretty close, probably cause we went through the same things at the same time most of the time. My mom have always told me that having us so close apart was one of the best decisions she made cause by the time she was at her mid-40’s we all were quite grown up. She didn’t have to look after us that much and she didn’t have to go through the mothering all over again cause we practically grew up the same phase.
Our plan is to wait till the husband finishes his sea time to try for another baby. That way, he’ll be with me all through out the pregnancy and the first year with the new baby. Choosing to wait, I think is the smart thing to do. We had Liam unexpectedly and I’m glad we were able to adjust and mature enough to be good parents for him but for the next baby, we want to be ready for him/her.

Personally, I think deciding to have a second baby is a greater decision than deciding on having the first. With the first it’s just you that you have to think about, whether you’ll be able to great parents and provide for him. With the second, it’s not just yourself you have to think about in the decision but your first kid as well. I want Liam to be ready to be a big brother when the time comes. I know kids who aren’t taking becoming an big brother very well cause they’re so used to being the only child. I’m not saying I’m gonna teach Liam the concept of becoming a big brother right away but I’ll want him to understand the concept of sharing me with another baby. I don’t want Liam to feel like he has to compete for our attention.

The bottom line is, this time we’ll be adults about and wait for the right time to add another one to our team.

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