How We Spent Easter

It wasn’t Liam’s first Easter but it’s the first Easter that counts cause last year he was just three months old and we didn’t really put a lot of effort into it. We did buy bunny ears and took a picture of him then made it into a postcard to send to people but other than that no other effort was made. A lot of plans but no real effort. This year how ever we did stuff and by stuff I mean a little effort was put into it.

We bought him one of those ready-to-go Easter baskets. We wanted to make him his own since most of the baskets that were on sale was for much older kids. We were gonna buy a bunch of plastic eggs and put fruit snacks in them but when we were gonna buy the plastic eggs they were already sold out. His basket was a dinasour themed one. There was a bubble shooter and a squirt gun and it came with a basket and a backpack. My mistake was buying the basket when I was with him cause he kept on wanting to open it. Long story short, the basket didn’t make it to Easter. We ended up opening it a few hours after getting it.

The Saturday before Easter we took him to the egg hunt in base. We forced ourselves out of bed at 7 in the morning to make it to the 9 am egg hunt. I told you effort was made this time. With his basket on hand, we were front row for the eggs. It’s a good thing that the organizers thought of doing the event in age brackets cause I don’t think Liam would have gotten any it wasn’t the case. His age group was kids 0-2 which wasn’t so intimidating at first then you get there and you see all these parents carrying babies who couldn’t even stand on their own yet and babies who can barely walk. I honestly thought that Liam and the other kids would get to ran around the field collecting eggs while the parents just follow them around. I was so naive. As soon as they said “Go!” all the parents picked up their kids and ran onto the field. Like I said we were gonna let Liam ran around himself but clearly that wasn’t happening. We were infront of the line so people were rannjng past us. Liam got so scared that when we put him down to pick up the eggs he tried to climb back to his daddy. The rush settled and Liam finally got to pick some of his Easter eggs. He was all for it until this one girl came up to him and picked up the eggs infront of him he was about to pick up. He was done with the whole thing after that.


After we got done with the craziness of the egg hunting we went to the mini carnival they organized for the kids. Again, most of the games were for much older kids so we skipped them and just fell in line to pet the rabbits and have a picture taken with the Easter bunny. Liam was so preoccupied with his plastic egg that he didn’t really react to the Easter bunny. The upside of the whole thing was that we got good pictures of him.

We made a video of the whole day here.

On Easter itself, we went to church and just had a chill family lunch. We’re Catholics so we’re very aware that Easter isn’t just about the egg hunts and bunny. We hope to teach Liam about the other part of Easter when he’s a little older but for now egg hunts and bunnies would do.

I hope everyone also had a wonderful Easter.


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