How Everything Went Wrong

Okay so maybe not everything, but a lot of things did.

The last few days we were having such good weather. There was always sun and the cold was bearable. On the morning of Liam’s birthday though, it was hell. Not only was it the only day of the week that had (very heavy) rain but the wind was also crazy. It felt like the car was gonna tip over anytime.

We were not able to reserve the room the day before so we decided to just go early to decorate and fix everything for the party. Thankfully, I had friends who loved Liam enough to help out. Started at 8am and finished at 1pm. We had trouble sticking the streamers to the ceiling and also the streamers kept slinking because it was so humid because of the rain. Then when I went to pick up the balloons I got inflated one got away. It was the worst day to pick up balloons because of the terrible wind. It also just so happens that that one balloon that flew away was the “I” that was gonna spell out Liam.

Liam without the “i”

We originally wanted to finish everything before noon so that we’ll all have time to go home finish cooking whatever it was we were cooking, take a shower, get ready and then be back before any of the guest arrives. We didn’t finish before noon but we finished with just enough time to go home cook everything else that we needed to cook and had time to get ourselves ready for the party. And remember that heavy rain and crazy wind earlier? Well it was clear nice weather by the time of the party. It’s a good thing that everyone was running on Filipino Time because we still haven’t picked up the cake and we left a few things at home. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong and it was frustrating.

Guest were already starting to arrive and still no cake. It turns out the husband didn’t go right away to pick up the cake but instead decided to run other errands so he got stuck in traffic. I could tell people were already getting bored waiting for the party to start.

Although the party started later than expected once we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy, it all fell into place.

Special thanks to Ninong Gerard and Ninang Maria for the monster cake

It’s been a month but we’re still waiting for the pictures from our friend who volunteered to be the photographer for the night.



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