Alone At Last

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

So my Blogcember was a fail. Didn’t have enough time to blog but then again when have I ever. December has been such a busy month. The husband got back from deployment, Liam celebrated his birthday, our friends who were staying with us moved out then a few short days later, my cousin arrived. Something was always happening, it was getting hard to keep up with everything. I have five post drafts that never got to finish and I don’t know if I’ll still finish.

Why alone at last? Because it’s the first time in a long time since we first moved in that we’ve had the house all to ourselves. The husband went underway a few days after moving in and when he got back, we had some of his friends stay while they wait to PCS, then he went underway again, when he came back Flo moved in with us. Flo moved out the same time they went underway again. Liam and I had the house to ourselves a few months before our friend and his wife moved in. They stayed with us until after Liam’s birthday and like I said a few days later my cousin arrived. She left a few days ago and it already feels different.

I used to think that having someone else live with you isn’t a bad thing, it’s extra people to talk to and it’s the more the merrier but nothing beats living alone. We have the luxury to just lounge around the house and get to fold laundry in the living room while watching tv, leave the door open in the bathroom and walk around without a bra on all day, everyday. Also, it’s freeing not having to consider anyone else when planning what to have or go for dinner, or being able to leave our dirty clothes in our washing machine and leaving our unfolded clean clothes in the dryer because no one else needs to do laundry. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the company but it feels nice to have our house just ours again.

So far so good. Good vibes for 2016.


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