Blogcember: Fail!

So much for writing everyday for the month of December. Every night I start to type out an entry but it never gets published because I never finish. I do have a lot of things I want to share though.

The husband is back from deployment so I’m a happy camper. Just having him around lifts my spirits. I’m not as stressed as I was when he was away. I get a few hours a day for myself and it’s amazing. He’s only been home a few days but everything just felt right that we have no adjustment period this time around. Liam is very happy to have him around. Last time they came back from deployment, Liam took a little while to warm up to him but that wasn’t the case for this deployment. Liam jumped out of my arms and into his dad’s the moment he saw him come up to us in the pier. It was so heart warming. Eversince then the two have been almost inseparable. Liam looks for him when he leaves the room, searches for him in the morning, and shouts “dada” everytime he sees him. I love having my family back together.

It’s also three days before Liam’s first birthday and although I have been planning for it for more than a month, I’m just getting into finalizing everything. I plan to stay home tomorrow and work on the loot bags and photo booth props. Then probably go and gather last minute supplies. What I’m stressing out the most about is the food. I don’t cook and the husband sorta cooks but I’m pressured to come up with decent food. People have agreed to help out so it makes it less stressful. Hopefully I get all the decorating and stuff done by Thursday so that I only got to worry about having food ready for the guests ready by Friday. I really want this party to be successful.

2015 went by so fast that I don’t remember most of it anymore. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but one thing I’m sure of though is that it was a wonderful year.

Tata for now.


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