Blogcember: Things

I finally had time to write (or type) today and it makes me feel good. So much has been happening and it’s hard enough to keep up. 

For one, the husband will be home very soon and this time, he’ll be around for a much longer than two weeks. I spent the whole day at home trying to get the house a little ready for the husband’s arrival. I’ve been going out so much lately running errands and such that I never had time to get any cleaning done. The living room got cleaned but it didn’t stay that way for long. The thing they say about there’s no such thing as having a clean house when you have kids is true. No matter how much I clean up at the end of the day it ends up looking like how it looked before I started cleaning.

Another thing is that in exactly 10 days, my baby boy will be one. Time flies. I get a little chocked up thinking how the tiny baby who can barely fit into newborn onesies now wears 12-18 month clothes. He’s been hitting so many big boy milestones lately that sometimes it all gets overwhelming. It seems like it was just weeks ago when he was beginning to stand on his own and now he’s walking all over the place.
We’ve been planning his birthday a few months now. We were able to order all the decorations online a month in advance and thankfully they all arrived on time. I wanted to be sure they’d be delivered on time cause party supplies aren’t easy to find here. The nice kind anyway. We’re doing a monster themed birthday party. I’m very excited about it. The biggest issue all through out the planning is finding someone to make the cake. My regular cake person will be spending the holidays in the states so we had to find someone else who makes fondant cakes. It took three weeks but someone finally got back to me. I’m glad I have so many people who are willing to help with Liam’s birthday. A friend agreed to take pictures for us and set up a photobooth. Another friend promised to help with the food. The love they have for my little boy is just so heartwarming. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull off this party.

Ohhh.. And when we weren’t having the best of luck finding someone to make the cake, I seriously considered making the cake myself. It wouldn’t the actual cake I wanted for his birthday but at least he would have cake. I bought cake mix and ready made frosting, then watched a few YouTube videos and then made the cake.  

DIY monster cake.

In my opinion, it turned out great. It came out the way I wanted it to. Liam wasn’t all that thrilled about it. He didn’t want to touch his cake at all. 

Liam isn’t all that pleased with the cake

We wanted to do smash cake pictures but he wasn’t into it. We tried to encouraged him to dig into the cake by pushing his hand into the icing but still no luck. He spent the whole time trying to wipe the icing off his hands. We gave him a few chucks of the cupcakes we made with the cake mix, he ate that but not the cake. He didn’t touch the cake at all. Pictures of out failed cake smash here

Also, my cousin might be here with us for the holidays, she already bought her tickets and we’re just waiting for her visa. I’m really hoping her visa gets approved. It would be nice to have someone from my family around. And maybe the husband and I can go on a few dates while she’s here. *wink wink*

BTW, welcome to my Blogcember series. I decided to blog for the whole month of December to make up for my long periods of absence through out the year. I plan to see this through. 

Talk to you guys soon. That’s it for now. Happy December! 

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