Happy birthday to me!

This is my second birthday in Japan and the first time to actually celebrate it. Today turned out better than I expected. For one, I didn’t really expect a celebration. Maria agreed to cook me spaghetti and dinner but I didn’t expect that other people will be there. Last year I didn’t even had a cake for my birthday cause I was celebrating it alone but this year I got two cakes. I even got people to sing me happy birthday. It was a really good day and a memorable birthday. And even though the husband is underway right now and I have yet to celebrate a birthday with him actually being with me, he never fails to go out of his way to make me feel extra loved. He was able to greet me happy birthday at exactly midnight like he always does and checks up on me to make sure I was having a good day despite being busy from work.

At this moment, I am very content with my life. I feel very loved and blessed.

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