What Is Up.

Long time no blog and same excuse. LOL. Anywho..

The husband will be home in a few weeks. Can’t really say that the past months flew by fast or that it was easy. There were several instances when I was so close to not wanting to leave the bed and curl up in ball and stay like that forever. It’s not because I missed him that bad, don’t get me wrong I missed him but it was more because I was so bored with my routine. Liam was the only thing that motivated me to go through with everyday things. It was the same thing everyday. It didn’t help that my one close friend here went home to the states for a month so I was alone while she was away. She’s back now and I have my normal amount of everyday interaction with an adult.

Liam is now nine months. He can stand assisted and unassisted (but only for a few seconds), a pro at sitting, eats solids perfectly, still drinks a lot of milk, has two teeth at the bottom, can clap his hands, shake his head “no-no-no”, shouts “Dede” when he wants his bottle, has grown out his hair that I have to tie it on top so that it doesn’t get into his eyes, can walk when pushing his toy, knows his way around the house, picks up things well, and is just a joy everyday. The husband left for this deployment Liam was a few days shy of six months, he’d be so amazed when he gets back at all the things Liam can do now. It makes me excited and at the same time worried cause he’s heart will break if Liam doesn’t warm up to him easily. Liam smiles at him whenever we FaceTime but Liam smiles at almost anyone. I’m still positive that Liam will recognize him, he is his father after all. It will just be really sad if he doesn’t.

What else? Ohhh! I lost 10 lbs. At least that’s what the scale at my doctor’s appointment said. I still haven’t bought a bathroom scale of my own. I’m still not confident that I’ll like what it’ll tell me whenever I step on it. Back to the 10 lbs, yey me! I really don’t feel any different or see anything changed but if that’s what the scale says. My clothes are still a little fit but it’s loose in some areas. I still see my second chin when I take pictures of myself. My face is still as round as an egg when I smile but I’m still proud of myself. Going to the gym on-off for a month paid off. I’m motivated to keep it up. Liam has even been cooperative lately. He lets me finish my cardio while he crawls around the playpen. Also, the weather cooler now and more predictable that I’m able to walk around the track on most days.

My close friend Anne finally started using her WordPress. That’s exciting. Ever since moving here and not being able to talk to my close friends I’ve been relying so much on social media to keep in touch or at least stay updated with what’s new with them. WordPress has made it easier to know or at least have a gists of what’s going on with my loser love without talking to her. Just reading her posts gives me reasons to randomly strike up conversations with her. I prefer WordPress over Facebook and Instagram because it’s more personal.

That’s about it for now. I’ll post about the other things some other time. Ohh and if you’re interested on a more visual idea of my life it’s all on here.

One thought on “What Is Up.

  1. Although your husband is your motivation and best friend, don’t forget to do things for yourself each day! Being in a military relationship is a sacrifice from both people. Don’t get lost in the things you feel you need to provide. Live for yourself, aaaand him. Great post, stay strong!


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