Fitness Attempts

I’ve been giving losing weight an actual go this last week and I’m not really doing a great job. I’ve gone to the gym twice and even started cutting back on what I eat.

The first time I went to the gym after like a year, I went with a friend. They recently done upgrades to the “mommy” workout room so it made me excited to go. They added more equipment which was nice cause before the only thing there was a  couple treadmill and eliptical machines. Now they even have weights and fancy lifting machines. The playpen is significantly smaller though but at least people can actually get a full workout done without leaving their kid unattended; some people did that before, they would leave their kid in the mommy room and then go to the weights room then just come back and pick their kids up when they’re don’t. 

I used play football in high school and in college so I was really fit. It’s probably the reason why I was so disappointed at myself when I only lasted 15 minutes on the eliptical. But baby steps. It’s an achievement itself that I went to the gym at all.

The first time was great, I got to do what I came to do and Liam was an angel. He crawled, stood up and played with his toys the whole time. The second time though wasn’t as great. There were three moms working out and all three had an average of two kids so the small playpen was crowded. We had to wait for most of them to finish cause I didn’t feel that it was safe enough to leave my 7 month old in the playpen with them.

After a couple of minutes, I had the whole room to myself, I put down Liam in the playpen and was getting his toys ready for him. A mom with two kids arrived. She was nice enough to tell her kids before hand to be gentle and not rough house cause there was a baby. I was able to do 15 minutes of running before Liam decided to start pulling the other kids’ hair. He was a little trouble maker. He would crawl to the kids who were laying down and watching YouTube on their mom’s phone and start pulling. It was a good thing the older kids didn’t relatiate or anything. Their mom kept telling them “it’s okay he’s a baby”. Of course I went right away and took my kid out of the playpen an apologized. It took me three tries to realize that he is determined to play with the older kids and will not stop to try to pull their hair so we left. 

I’m still trying to figure out what time it’s best to got the gym. A lot of people already offered to babysit Liam for me but I don’t feel comfortable leaving him with anyone yet. I get anxious when he’s not with me.

Oh and I was talked into doing the three day military diet but then on the first day I caved. Such a fail. 

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