Life Update

It’s been a month (or so) since the husband left on deployment and it’s been okay. I wouldn’t say it’s easy but it’s doable. I do get days were I rather stay in bed and do nothing but then my kid crawls over to my side of the bed and start climbing on me or pulling my hair as if to say “get up mommy, keep me alive”. We’re just a home lately because it’s been raining so often. We plan around the weather a lot. 

Speaking of my kid, Liam is already six months old and he’s becoming such a handful. He crawls now so gets struck under the couch or be somewhere different by the time I check on him again. He sits by himself and is in that stage where he wants to put everything in his mouth. He’s starting to show signs of teething. He’s growing up so fast that sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s still a baby despite of everything he’s doing.  He’s more talkative now but still no words. I annoy him trying to get him to say mommy or daddy, he just stares at me and laughs. I’m looking into enrolling him to infant swim class. The husband thinks it’s a great idea so we might do that. The other day Liam almost lost a finger trying to reach into the electric fan which made me get dressed and buy a playpen and baby gates. I was gonna wait for payday but because of the little incident I decided otherwise.

We got to FaceTime with the husband when they were in Australia during Father’s Day. His face just lit up when he saw us. I smiled a lot too. Liam even woke up when he heard his dad’s voice which was cute. It was cuter that he would always look at his dad and then look at me smiling during the FaceTime sessions. It’s great we got to at least see him for Father’s Day because it’s gonna be a while till we get to FaceTime with him again.

Lately I’ve been frustrated over the fact that I don’t have a social life outside my kid. I love him to bits but I also crave adult conversation and company. My one friend I hang out with has a full time job now. I only get to see her once a week, usually it will be for a grocery run or church. I tried reaching out to another friend who has a kid three weeks younger than Liam but it’s just not gonna work. She’s so hard to read. Also, she always turns down my invitation to whatever.

I need to make an effort to meet new people soon. My sanity depends on it. Netflix can only do so much.

6 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Power to you! Stay strong while your husband is away, staying social is the hardest part for any milso… all the moving is like friendship repellent. Have you tried looking on the website for your base? something they have an activities calendar… or a facebook group with similar info?


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