Welcome and Good Luck

The husband’s younger brother has just joined the navy (too). I’m not really sure what to make of it. It wasn’t a surprise but still, it’s different when it’s actually happening.

My youngest brother-in-law just graduated high school a year ago and right after graduation he travelled to the states to live with his dad. He never had a relationship with his dad, it was their mom who he grew up with. He’s pretty much a mama’s boy and because he’s the youngest in the family everyone else babied him. BIL has always expressed his interest in joining the navy and it’s mostly because of what he sees from my husband. He thinks what the husband does is so cool and that he makes big money. He has this whole idea in his head that if he joins the navy in a few years time he’ll be able to buy himself a house and a nice car and live a baller life.

The husband tries to discourage his little brother from joining every chance he gets. Not because he thinks it’s not a great idea but because he wanted a different life for him and because the BIL’s idea of life in the navy is so far from what it really is. Even I worry about him cause he’s the most sensitive person in his family and from the husband’s stories about boot camp and A school it’s tough. I don’t know if BIL would be able to handle it all emotionally. I mean, he cried so much when he first got to America because he missed his mom. Boot camp will be the first time he’ll be away from family. I’m not sure how well he’ll handle that.

We’re all nervous for him but him he’s just excited. He wants it all done and ove with. I wish him all the luck in the world. I hope he comes out of all this a man cause God knows he’s just a boy.

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