Things: What The Past Week Was Like

It feels like so much happened. Or maybe I’m not just used to so many things happening to me.

  • Had dinner with a friend I’ve haven’t seen in a year because he PCS-Ed to Sasebo. It was a free dinner too because he advanced. Thanks CS2!
  • Attended a kids’ party. It was the first time I was invited to anything because the host knew me and not my husband and it was my first Thai party. The only other parties I’ve been to were Filipino parties. I got to taste home cooked Thai food and experience how other cultures celebrate.
  • Drove to the other side of town to explore and find props to use for a photoshoot I’m trying to organize for Liam’s sixth month. I wanted to buy new lenses for my camera but mula not enough.
  • Cleaned the bedroom. Actual cleaning was done not just the throw away crap that’s been laying around. Also, I finally have the room arranged the way I wanted it. It looks roomier even with the crib inside the room and now we can charge our gadgets without using an extension cord.
  • Got the water heater fixed. We’ve been dealing with the heater turning off by itself for almost a year, thinking we did something that made it that way because we didn’t know how to operate it properly. Turns out the switch was broken and it wasn’t our fault at all. Wished we told our agent sooner, those intermittent cold water bursts during winter could have been avoid.
  • Cooked proper dinner since the husband left. Good thing I bought pork the other day.
  • Cleaned out the refrigerator. Dairy products from before Liam was born were finally thrown out.
  • Our neighbor got “guards” on his side door because we pinch his car every time we open our left back door. It made me felt so guilty. I would have apologized but we never bump into each other in the parking lot. I always try to not open the door all the way but sometimes the wind is just too strong and the car seat won’t fit through a half opened door. I couldn’t take the car seat out before backing up either because I can’t leave the baby unattended while I park the car. Sorry neighbor!
  • Called to make Liam’s sixth month appointment. Can’t believe he’ll be six months soon. I want him to be my baby a little longer.
  • Finally got the new combination for the mailbox on base. It’s a little too complicated for me though.
  • Went out to eat sushi by myself and parked outside the base for the first time. It was challenging. I was so scared to that I might scratch a car trying to fit my very wide car into the slot. Felt really proud of myself afterwards though.
  • Bought a new case for the iPad. Liam’s been using it lately so figured I needed to ditch the purple case. 
  • Lost the husbands card while I was in the mall but I’m pretty sure I dropped it in the car. Only realized it when we were already home and parking the car. I couldn’t search for it right away cause someone was in line to park their car. Had to come back a few minutes after and searched the car. Still didn’t find it so I called the bank and just cancelled it. I still feel guilty about the whole thing.
  • Walked to the near by 7eleven and paid the electricity and water bill.
  • Oh and I called the mother-in-law so she could see Liam. Didn’t want her to think that I’m only making Liam FaceTime with my relatives. She also made a comment on how now that the husband is away I can focus on losing weight.

5 thoughts on “Things: What The Past Week Was Like

    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought so I wanted to say something sassy back but stopped myself and just smiled.


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