It’s Time: Deployment Dairy 2015

The husband has left for deployment and I’m doing pretty good. I’ve done more chores in a day than I have ever accomplished while he was here. Thanks to YouTube I managed to install the screen doors that the husband never got to. The screens were removed last year because there was construction in the apartment and he just put it off. Good thing I figured out how to install them cause it’s already starting to feel like summer. I did actual cleaning too. I moved furniture, vacuumed the couch and put out the carpet. Just today, I was able to go to the embassy and process Liam’s passport. Not that we’re going anywhere soon but at least I’ve checked that off my to do list.

Like I said I’m doing pretty good but Liam’s taking the husband’s absence a little hard. He may only be 5 months but I think he already noticed the husband’s absence.  The night we dropped off the husband in the pier was the worst. Liam cried a good thirty minutes because he was looking for his dad but didn’t see him. I assumed it was the case cause when we got out of the car, he was turning his head left to right looking to see if someone else got out of the car. It makes me sad that he’s already like that. The husband made a bunch of videos of him talking to Liam, I made him watch it the next day and Liam was smiling at my phone then he would look at me as if to say, mom there’s dad!

I’m feeling very positive about all this. Time is going by fast, I’m starting to get a routine down and I’m not even counting the days.

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