In Japan, Everything Is Backwards 

This someone got her driver’s license the other day. It was a long and frustrating process but I did it. I finally have my license. I only had to acquire my international license from home while being abroad, take the safety  briefing and exam twice and pass the practical exam. It’s a good thing I got issued a license good for our whole stay here in Japan cause I don’t ever wanna stress about it again.

Although, the whole stress could have been avoided if I gotten my international license before moving here so tip for anyone who wants to drive in Japan, Get your international license before leaving home.

Driving in Japan is so complicated and I’m not talking about driving on the  right  left side of the road, you’ll get use to that part soon enough. You’ll also get use to having the turn signal controls on the right side of the steering wheel. It’s whole back up parking in narrow spaces, oh and that all the road signs are usually in kanji. Japan in general has narrow roads compared to other countries. The narrow roads wouldn’t be a problem if you’re a mini or compact car but we have a wide ass Nissan Skyline that my husband had to have. It makes driving and parking complicated. We have those elevator parking and our slot is the third and last level. Every time we need to get the car or park it we have to wait for the whole thing to rise to get to our car. The whole process takes 5 minutes or so cause we have to put back the parking tower thing back before we leave. When we park our car, there’s only an inch or so of space on each side of the car for allowance. You go beyond that, you won’t be able to open one side of your car. Oh and did I mention that we need to park our car back facing. Even in malls everyone parks backwards, I personally suck at reverse parking. We see our Japanese neighbors with bigger cars than us park so smoothly. I however take 10 minutes to park our car. I suck at reverse parking.

However, my life has beens so much easier now that I’m driving. I get to go to appointments even without my husband. I don’t have to wait for him to finish with work before I get out of the house. Running errands with Mr. Baby got easier and hassle free. I’m able to bring all the things he’ll need while we’re out of the house. I can bring my own bag and not worry about how much space it’ll take up in the stroller. I am able to carry him in his ergo more often. I’m already planning on making time to go the gym now that I can drive there with the baby. The only down side to this all is that I have to wake up extra early to drop the husband off at work and pick him up in the afternoon. Oh well.. At least I can drive now. 😀

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