It’s Official: He’s One of Us

Finally did it. Mr. Baby is baptized and a member of the Catholic Church.

It was a semi-stressful thing cause nothing in my life is never without any sort of drama. Mr. Baby didn’t have an outfit until the night before. I wanted to dress him in proper baptism attire, the one with the silky looking white pants and collar with matching soft hat and shoes with all the raffles, but because everything was all rushed we didn’t have time to order one online. My mom was suppose to send us one from the Philippines but it didn’t push through and I wanted to buy one from here but we couldn’t find any. Well, any that the husband and I both agreed that was okay for a boy to wear. Mr. Baby ended up wearing an overall, he was close to outgrowing, onesie and shoes from H&M. I wanted to go all out for his outfit but my mom said something about not wearing the outfit again cause I have to store it together with the candles that was used in the ceremony (it’s one of the million superstitions Filipinos have). I figured there wasn’t a point in spending a fortune on an outfit he wasn’t gonna at least wear twice. Oh did I mention that we bought his outfit and ours just the day before. We had to make a shopping trip to Odaiba so that we’ll actually have choices.

Then on the morning of the actual baptism, a friend of us called asking if we were sure about the time and place cause there was a protestant mass happening at the chapel during the time we told everyone. I never talked to the Chaplain, all the scheduling was the husband’s. As soon as he got out of the shower, I asked him whether he was sure about the details cause he mentioned a while back that he received an automated email from the Chaplain informing him that, he’d be unavailable till the 20th. We both started to panic a bit but the husband was convinced that he scheduled it for that day and the Chaplain wrote it down and everything. At that point, there was nothing we can do but show up and hope that it was scheduled and the Chaplain will actually be there.

It was the first time we were early for church. Ever! While we were getting out of the car we saw the Chaplain walking into the chapel. It was really gonna happen. Good thing cause everyone said they were going to the ceremony. Since there main chapel was being used, we were ushered to the tiny chapel inside. We were early so we had to wait for everyone else to arrive.


The ceremony was short and sweet. Only us and our close friends, who also are Mr. Baby’s godparents were there. Mr. Baby didn’t cry during the whole thing. He just sat in my lap and stared at the Chaplain while he was talking.


We heard mass after and then had lunch at Yakiniku. Nothing fancy. It was all simple and chill. We feel very blessed to have friends who treat us like family, especially when family is so far away.


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