Wasted Days

I was so mad at the husband yesterday because we didn’t do anything. We stayed in the house all day and it was such a good day. It was complete sunshine and we were stuck at home. I can’t wait to retake the exam on Friday and finally, get my driver’s license. I already taken and passed the exam last September but I just got my international license so the exam wasn’t valid anymore. Sucks but what else can I do if the guy at the VRO insist I retake the exam. I need my license. I’m gonna go crazy. I’m always at home with the baby. I want to be able to go out and do errands on my own. Days are being wasted stuck at home.

One thought on “Wasted Days

  1. I feel you but try to make the best out of it for now (when that happen) .You know apparently that your driving licence’s problem is only temporary. Wish you all the best !


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