Why Prince Charming Didn’t Have A Mother

I’ve always wondered why the prince never had a mother in all those Disney movies. There’s always a stepmom to the princess but never a mom to the prince. When I got married though, the answer hit me like a rock, if the prince still had a mother it wouldn’t have been a happily ever after for the princess. So cliché, I know.

If Snow White’s prince still had a mother, they wouldn’t have ended up together. The mother would have been furious at him for wanting to marry someone he woken up with a kiss in the woods. Not only that, the mother would have brought up the issue about the “kind” of company Snow White kept. The mother wouldn’t have any of the “true love’s kiss” mambo jambo cause her son doesn’t marry girls he kissed in the woods.

If Cinderalla’s prince still had a mother, I’m pretty sure she would have pushed her son to marry a princess. The moment the mother found out that Cinderella wasn’t a princess, she would have demanded that her son stop seeing her. The mother would have questioned Cinderalla’s upbringing and background. She’ll be convinced that Cinderella is just after his status. 

If Sleeping Beauty’s prince still had a mother, she wouldn’t allow her son to marry someone he met once upon a dream. She’ll be convinced that although her son slayed a dragon for Aurora, they still don’t know each other well enough to say they love each other. 

To these kind of mothers, it wouldn’t matter whether the girl has a good heart. It wouldn’t matter if the girl never actually done anything wrong to her. It wouldn’t matter whether the girl makes all the effort in the world to be on her good side. It doesn’t matter whether the girl does everything to please her. It’s one of two things, either no one is good enough for their son or she’s just not who she wants her son to end up with.

I wish these mothers would lighten up cause at one point they were once the princesses who just wanted to have a happy ever after with their prince.

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