This Part Sucks

I love that we get to experience life in a different country, somewhere totally foreign but sometimes you’d rather be home where family is.

Mr. Baby’s baptism is coming up and we’re just not that thrilled about it as we would be back home. If we were home, we’d get to celebrate it with family and a lot more of our friends. It would be a lot bigger and grander event. It’s not that we don’t have friends here but it’s just so different.

If we were back home, this whole thing might have been done and over with a long time ago. One of our parents would have scheduled and arranged the whole thing. Basically, we would just have to show up and bring the baby. There would be invitations instead of a Facebook event. Caterers and a decorated venue would have been booked, relatives from all over would have came.

Normally, especially if you’re Filipino, the baptism would have been done before the baby even is a month old cause the “oldies” would say that’s it’s ideal to get the baby blessed right away so that nothing bad happens to the baby. We’ve been trying to schedule it since forever but because of the previous base chaplain PCS-Ed or retired, I’m not really sure, they couldn’t accommodate us. It was only a month ago that we got a hold of the acting chaplain who turned out to be the chaplain attached to the husband’s ship. It took another week for the husband to actually talk to the chaplain because of work schedule issues. 

We finally got a date so we’re trying to plan everything. We decided that we’re not gonna go all out by getting a party room and cooking for people. We did that for the baby shower and we ended up with so much leftovers that we had enough to last two weeks. We decided to keep it small by just inviting the friends we’re getting as godparents and eating at Sbarro. Corny, I know but that the best and cheaper option.

We’re still trying to find an outfit for Mr. Baby to wear for the ceremony. We don’t have clothes to wear either so we might go and buy this weekend (hopefully) cause we want to look good for pictures that we’d post for all our families back home.

How I really wish we could just go home for this kind of things but we can’t.


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