Crib Transitions: 04/15/2015

To be honest we haven’t been actively trying to get him to sleep in his crib anymore. It just cause me too much sleep. He’s been sleeping in bed with us again.

The last time, I put him in his crib cause I saw that he was already sleepy and it was already bed time. I thought it was a solid plan. I mean, he was already sleepy so I figured he’d just fall asleep after having his milk like he always do. I was so wrong. The moment he saw that there was a monster above him (his mobile thing) his eyes popped awake. I let him chill there for a while with some of his toys hoping he’ll tire himself. Before I knew it two hours already passed. I took away all his toys and let him lay in his crib, ignoring him and all his fussing and cries for attention. It didn’t last long till he started crying. I went over and comforted him a bit without taking him out of his crib. Another two hours passed and he still fighting his sleep, I on the other hand was already falling asleep, it was only his mumbling that snaps me back awake. The husband’s alarm sounded, meaning it was already three in the morning. He was about to go to work and there I was still trying to get Mr. Baby to sleep in his crib. By the time the husband left for work, I was ready to sleep. I gave up with the crib thing and got Mr. Baby out and put him beside me in bed. I didn’t have to wait long, he fell asleep fifteen minutes after putting him in bed beside me. It would have been sooner if he didn’t snap back awake every time I’d move to make sure I wasn’t putting him back in his crib.

Things were very promising tonight though, we put him in his crib and turned off the lights. He fell asleep right away. We thought he was gonna sleep through the night, we thought wrong. An hour later, we heard fussing. We ignored it and hoped that he’ll just go back to sleep. Long story short, at this very moment, Mr. Baby is beside me in bed fast asleep. I don’t know whether I just need to sleep right away and not bother checking if he’ll sleep through the night or I need to work on ignoring his little calls for attention.

At least now I know that he’ll actually sleep in his crib, I just need to get him to sleep though the night in it.


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