Crib Transitions

We’re giving the crib thing another go. The husband got the crib set up in our room again. He took it out three months ago when he decided that the crib was just taking up space in our already tiny room.

Why stop co-sleeping? Simple. There’s just not enough space in bed for the three of us now that Liam is getting bigger. We have a queen sized bed in Japanese standards so it’s smaller than normal beds. The husband takes up half of the bed and Liam takes ¾ of the left over half so most of the time I only got five inches of space for me. It was okay at first but my back is starting to hurt from constantly sleeping on one side.

We got the crib set up on my side of the bed. We took down one side of it so it’s kinda like a toddler bed. Hopefully he likes sleeping in it and having his own space, it’ll benefit all of us. It’s been forever since the husband and I cuddled in bed.

So far it hasn’t worked out and it doesn’t look promising in any way. Last night, he wouldn’t sleep in the crib long. Every time he’d realize he wasn’t in bed with us he’d fuss and wake up.

Tonight wasn’t any good either. I didn’t get to nap today so as expected I fell asleep right after dinner so it was up to the husband to get the baby to sleep. He did sleep though but just not in his crib. I woke up to them cuddling beside me. Mr. Baby looked so deep in sleep that I decided to move him to his crib. Wrong move. He woke up just when I put him down and started fussing. When he realized that I wasn’t gonna pick him up, he cried bloody murder. I was gonna ignore the crying but he started turning red so now he’s wide awake and back in bed with us.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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