St. Partick’s Day Haul

We really didn’t do anything St. Patrick’s Day related, unless you shopping count’s as one then we did.

There were a few things on sale at the Navy Exchange that we just had to take advantage off, also it was the last day to use our scratch cards. So yeah, here is my haul.. sorry for the not so good quality of pictures.

1. Bath and Body Works Lotions

bath and body works

It was a 5 for 35 deal. They’re not for me. They’re for my cousin back in the Philippines. A friend of mine is going home for a few weeks so I’m gonna send it through her.

2. Make up

make up

Mostly were drugstore make up cause I really haven’t been wearing make up lately so I didn’t want to spend too much just yet. I’ve been really into the idea of make up recently, I think this is gonna be the start of a new obsession. For now though, I’m gonna settle for my drugstore make up.

The only thing I had at home was powder, eyeliner, brow liner and one lipstick. I just bought things I don’t have yet. I went with the cheapest bronzer and highlighter I could find cause I really didn’t know how to use them yet.

I know nothing about make up, the only knowledge I have of them are those I picked up from watching tutorials online. So please feel free to suggest, I’ll happily take them.

3. Remote Shutter for my camera


I already have the mobile wifi adapter that came with the camera when the husband purchased it last christmas but it makes for awkward photos because my phone is just so big and it’s so hard to hide it in pictures. This remote was only 9.99 so I bought it. It’s small enough to easily hide in photos. It didn’t come with instructions though so I had to Youtube how to use it.

Once you have it set up so that the camera will recognize the remote, it’s easy enough to use. Just press and presto!

4. Summer Sandals


I’ve been wanting to buy a comfy Birkenstock sandal since last summer but they were pricey. I was saving up for one to buy for this summer but then saw this Michael Kors sandals and though, it looks like a Birkenstock and it’s 20 dollars cheaper so why not. I was gonna wait till next payday to buy it but because the husband is awesome, he bought it for me.

It was a good shopping day.


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