Salon Day

Today was the day. I chopped off my hair and had it colored or at least tried to have it colored.

The plan was to get a long bob, not because it’s the IT hair but because Baby is into grabbing and pulling my hair lately. It was a decision I made more for convince than anything else but not to lie, I thought it’ll look good. It does though, but I don’t love it, I don’t hate it too. It’s MEH.

I’ve complained to my mom about how I never had time to shower, she laughed at me and told me that was the exact reason why she always kept her hair short when we were young. Long hair is too high maintenance for a full time stay-at-home mom. I get what she’s saying cause I’ve been there, I am there.

The hair had to go. So it’s gone.

Like I said, I tried to have it colored. A much lighter color like the one I had before I got pregnant but the stylist I had would not let me do drastic colors cause it might damage my hair. I was disappointed and a bit irritated with her. I mean I agreed to bleach my hair so that the color would stick but it didn’t. There’s color. Just not as much, some parts are still black. I’m thinking of going back tomorrow to have it fixed.

The husband stayed and watched the whole 5 hour process and he was not impressed at the result. He couldn’t accept that we paid that much for such result. Hopefully I get it fixed sometime next week.

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