Child’s Play

Free dates are as good as the expensive ones.

The husband only has the every other weekend off. He was off this week end but we kinda wasted Sunday cause the husband decided to invite friends over for drinks the night before. The husband was so hammered that he didn’t get out of bed until late in the afternoon. I spent the whole day with the baby, just watching netflix.

He wanted to make up the lost day by taking me on a date. I wasn’t up for anything specific and we couldn’t go anywhere far cause he has work early the next day so we just went to the Mikasa Park. The park is just outside the side gate of the base, I’ve been here for almost a year yet I never been there until yesterday. A lot of festivals and American-Japanese Events are held there throughout the year. It’s one of the few places in Yokosuka that’s considered a tourist destination.

The park itself is beautiful, kinda makes you forget your in the middle of the city. We just walked around and took pictures, the weather wasn’t that cold so it was a very good day to be out.

The highlight of the afternoon was when the husband tried to ride one of the kids rocking animals.

He didn’t do so well
I however didn’t even break a sweat.

More pictures at teamsiwa.

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