Valentine Bingo: Our First Valentine Together

This is actually our third Valentine’s Day as a couple but the other two Valentine’s Day were just ordinary days to us. I was there and he was here and we never made anything out of the day. Two other Valentine’s Day were just days. He never bothered to send me flowers cause he was never the type to do so. I don’t know if it was because I never really liked receiving flowers so he never tried or what. With all the previous Valentine history, I didn’t expect anything to come out of this year.

Leading up to the V-day, the only thing Valentine related thing he mentioned to me was what his friend was planning on getting his girlfriend and how he’s working that day so we can’t make plans. I didn’t get my hopes up after that, even though this is the first time we’ll actually be together for the “holiday”. I figured, I’ll just cook dinner for him when he gets home from work. Nothing fancy, just cook dinner.

Two days before Valentine’s he asked me to go with him to the NEX while we were waiting for our laundry to finish. We did our thing, he went to the electronics section and I wondered around the women’s section. Then because our load wasn’t done yet, he asked me to go to the jewelry section with him so we can look at rings. We’re looking into replacing our wedding bands. While he was looking at one end, I noticed that they now carry Kate Spade. Because I was myself, I went ahead and looked at what they had. I’ve been looking online to buy their bracelets since forever. They did in fact carry the bracelets I liked and other pieces too. While looking around, I saw this necklace that had a heart shaped pendant on it with the word love etched inside. I was looking at it when the husband walked up to me to tell me we should check if our load was finished. He saw I was looking at the necklace and said “that’s nice. How much is that?” After the lady told him how much, he just said okay and we went ahead and checked our load. As it turned out our load was done, so while we were folding clothes he brought up the necklace and offered to buy it for me if I really liked it. I declined his offer mainly because he said it to me teasingly. I knew he was just playing with me.

Up until the day itself, he kept teasing me about the necklace so I kinda thought that maybe he’ll surprise me with it or something. On the day itself, I woke up late in the afternoon cause I fell asleep with the baby, I didn’t have time to defrost whatever it is I was gonna make for dinner. It was looking out to be a really normal day up until the husband messaged me in the afternoon asking me if I’ll like to go out for dinner. Ofcourse I said yes but because it was so last minute and we were gonna bring the baby with us, we decided to just to the the Chili’s on base.

When he got home from work, he quickly changed out of his uniform and we left the house right after. I was expecting him to come home with my necklace or something. I didn’t expect him to be empty handed. I mean, he did invite me to dinner. When I got in the car, still nothing. Throughout he ride to Chili’s, all he could talk about was work and how he got home later than planned cause he helped his friend with his gifts to his girlfriend. His story only made me think that I was getting my hopes up for nothing.

We got to Chili’s and before I could get out of the car he asked me to take out the stroller from the trunk. I threw a little fit about it cause it was usually his job to do that. He wouldn’t give me a reason why I should do it but I figured maybe my necklace was there and that’s why he wanted me to take out the stroller. There I was with my hand on the trunk of the car, expecting to see my necklace inside or on the stroller but to my surprise what was there were chocolates and flowers. It made me smile. He never gave me flowers or chocolates. I could here him laughing behind me so when I turned to thank him for my flowers and chocolates, mostly for the chocolates, he was holding my necklace in his hand. I couldn’t contain myself I was jumping and eeeek-ing in the parking lot. He was laughing so hard and then he said, “got you! I knew I had to distract you somehow because you were already expecting the necklace.” He was right though, when I saw the things inside the trunk I didn’t expect the necklace anymore. I knew I was lucky enough for him to take the effort to buy flowers. After it all sank in, I thanked him and gave him a kiss. We went ahead with dinner. The baby slept all through the date. When we got home, we sat in the living room and watched tv a bit while feeding the baby then went to bed right after cause he had work early the next day.


It was a Valentine’s Day for the books. I need to bring up my game for next year though.

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