Valentine’s Day: Not Just Another Day

Valentine’s Day was always my most dreaded holiday cause everyone makes a big deal out of it. People in relationships try to out do one another with gifts and surprises and the single people throw pity parties cause they’re “alone”. I never saw the point it, I was one of those why-dedicate-only-a-day-for-love-everyday-should-be-Valentine’s-Day person.

For the past years, if I wasn’t playing football at my high schools Foundation Day Fair, I was out with friends. I was one of those girls it’s just a normal day type of girls. But this year I get why there’s a day like Valentine’s. As much as we want everyone to treat everyday like Valentine’s, we can’t or we don’t. Life kinda gets in the way of that happening. Every other day of the year others things takes priority so we forget. Valentine’s Day reminds us or gives us the reason to forget the other things and focus of people that make us feel loved.

Speaking from experience.
Ever since the baby arrived, the husband and I could never find the time for ourselves. We would constantly have fights about it. He’ll complain that I’m not as affectionate as before, how everything revolves around the baby, how I forget all other things thing. In return, I’ll complain about how he never helps out with the baby when he comes home from work, how he always seem to have time for playing his games rather than watching the baby so that I can do other things around the house, how he always seem to fall asleep whenever it’s his turn to watch the baby, how he sleeps in on his days off and yet still complains to me how tired he his. I’m naturally more whiny than him. When we’re not complaining about each other we’re wrapped up in responsibilities that we never think to be Valentine’s-y to one another. I mean we do have our moments when the baby is asleep but it’s different.

For some lucky few, everyday can be Valentine’s but to people like who let’s life get in the way, that one day is wonder!

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