A Million Too Many: My Goals For This Year

I have a gazillion things I wanna do but I always never get to do them. Not because I’m busy or anything, it’s more of distractions and discouragements. Like I said it’s a gazillion so most of the time I start something and move on to another, or I don’t start one at all and just move on to another. So this year, I’ll try to be different. In hopes of motivating myself, I’m going to list down the things I want to accomplish this year. I know it’s already February but it’s better late then never. So here goes…

1. Never Late Anymore. I’m saying goodbye to the “it’s better late than never” thinking of mine. I’m gonna make an effort to not put things off anymore and actually be one time for things, specially my appointments. I’m gonna start getting ready earlier not 20 minutes before I’m actually suppose to be there, I’m gonna prepare things I’ll be needing the night before, I’m gonna set multiple alarms to make sure I’m aware of how much time I have left before the actual appointment. Whenever I say I’m gonna do something, I’ll go ahead and do it right away. I’m gonna stop with all my petty excuses and stop discouraging myself cause really that’s my problem. Whenever I’ve put off something for too long I’ll talk myself into not doing it all. Well that’s all gonna stop.

2. Cook more and do actual cleaning. Ever since the husband has been home, I’ve cooked a total of three times. It’s either he does the cooking, we eat out or we eat at someone else’s house. I’m not really winning the wife of the year award with all the no cooking in the house but I figured if I want the husband to help out with the baby more, I should do more things around the house. So far I’m doing pretty well. For the past week or so I’ve been the one cooking dinner. There’s been no complaints from the husband about the cooking but I think he’s just relieved that he no longer has to cook our dinner after he comes home from work. The only actual cleaning I’ve been able to do is washing the dishes and making the bed. I never seem to have time to pick up the broom (or vacuum) during the day cause I’m always sleeping with the baby. I’m working on it though.

3. Save and keep better track of money. I say this every year and every year my account is still zero. Hopefully, this year it’s gonna be different. I’ve already cut down in my shopping. I no longer buy a bag every week no matter how good of a sale they’re running at the NEX. I sorta learned how to prioritize the spending now that we have a baby, so that’s good. I’ve also started documenting our spending and consumption of things so it’ll be easier to anticipate when we’ll need to restock on supplies for the house. I’m doing well in the keep better track of money thing, it’s the saving that we’re still having problems with because we’re paying for so many things. By the end of this year though, I hope we save even just a little.

4. Be fit. I want to be able to skinny enough to wear and feel good in whatever I want to wear . That’s my motivation to lose my unwanted weight. I’m gonna try harder to exercise this time. I mean, I don’t really have much excuse in this area cause I don’t have a 8 to 12 job that keeps me from going to the gym whenever I want, there’s gym membership that I can’t afford cause the gym here is free, I have all the space I need to go running and most of all, the husband keeps offering to pay for babysitting so he can go with me to the gym. I’m confident that by the end of the year I’ll achieve this goal of mine.

5. Travel. The goal is to go somewhere new once a month. I’m blessed enough to be able to live in a place like Japan. A lot of people want to go here. I’m gonna be here two more years, why not make the most out of it? When the time comes that it’s time to leave, I want to be able to say that I’ve been there or I’ve experienced that whenever someone will bring up things about Japan. More than exploring Japan, the husband and I came with an agreement that we’ll try to bring baby to a foreign country at least once a year or as much as we can. But for all this traveling to happen a lot of saving has to occur.

6. Take pictures. Pictures are memories. No matter how much we try to remember every detail of something it will never be better than pictures. Like they say, pictures freeze time. I want to save as much memories as I can for Liam. I want him to be able to look at pictures when he’s older and see how his life was when we was young. I want the chance to share these memories with him when he’s older. I don’t have a lot of pictures growing up cause my parents were that into taking pictures so it was always a pain whenever pictures were needed for school. The goal is for Liam not to experience that.

7. Learn something new. At least one thing every month is the goal whether it is a new recipe or a craft. Blame Pinterest for this, I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing the DIY tab. So many things I want to try. I just need the supplies. Making things is a good alternative to buying everything.

8. Make the house a homeIt’s bare white walls with minimal furniture right now. The house needs a little personality. I want to hang pictures all over the house. I want to go to IKEA and purchase more non neutral things.

9. Sunday routine. With the husband’s schedule right now we don’t have all the weekends together, I don’t drive here which makes it harder to make a routine. We do make the effort to go to church whenever the husband has the weekend off. I would like to make it a habit though.

10. Keep in touch. Living far and away from all our family makes it harder. The goal this year is to make much more of an effort to keep in touch with everybody, especially with his family. We try to upload as much of our life and of Liam on Facebook as much as possible but to avoid irritating everyone else with our multiple post we created our family tumblr. I just need to keep updating it.

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