The F word

I don’t know if it’s the postpartum thing but I’ve been real sensitive lately whenever the word FAT is brought up. During my pregnancy I’d have days where I’d feel fat but my husband would always be there to tell me how I’m not actually fat, I just have a person inside of me. It was easier to brush it off then than now.

In two days it’ll be two months since I gave birth and I’m very aware that I still have pregnancy weight but it doesn’t help when people keep calling me fat. My husband would still try to make me feel better but it’s just not the same. He’ll tell me it’s okay and how he still find me sexy then he’ll go and add how as soon as I can we’ll start working out. He has good intentions I know but everything he’s saying just makes me think that “yeah, I am fat”. Then there’s gonna be those people on Facebook who’ll sometimes be family who’ll tell you how fat you look in all the pictures you post.

I think those people should be more sensitive, try growing a human inside you and see how easy it is to not be “fat”. Not everyone is a Victoria secret angel who can give birth to a dozen kids and two weeks later look like it never happened. I’m not genetically that gifted. No one should be called fat, especially someone who just gave life.

I’ll wait for all those people who pointed out I should start losing weight to get pregnant and see how they like it if all people see is you’re weight. I know I should act better but I’m really pissed at how insensitive they are.

4 thoughts on “The F word

  1. My husband does the same thing, calling me beautiful then mentions we will start working out when I feel up to it. It drives me nuts, I went through hell and back to make this baby and while my body needs work, I’m proud of it. You’re gorgeous, your baby is gorgeous, and that’s all there is to it 🙂 I’m glad you found my blog, I’m very excited to follow yours especially since our babies were born so close to each other!


    1. I know. People (especially those who never been pregnant) think that once you pop out the baby, your body will return to the way it was. Like you’re a rubber band that just snaps back to shape.


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