Family Blog

I’ve started a new blog. I’m still keeping this one for myself though.

Why a new blog? Because I got tired of privately sending my family and his family videos, pictures and updates about the baby. I figured with a site, they can all just see all at once how everything is with us and I won’t have to repeat myself to several people. I would keep posting everything in Facebook but I don’t want to burden everyone else there with daily picture sets of my child doing nothing but being cute and stuff.

Originally I was just gonna post everything here but then I realized how everyone else can see my past post which kinda defeats the purpose of having this site in the first place. So I’m keeping this one just for me. With all the stress in life, I need an outlet.

So far, updating the other blog has been easy as pie, mainly because it’s more of a photo album not much writing going on and when I do write something it’s very filtered.

Check it out. Link here.

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