I went out with Liam ALONE for the first time. Not only that, we ran errands alone and carless. It was just us and his stroller.

I’ve been very anxious about going anywhere with Liam alone, mainly because I know we’d be carless and that I’ll either have to drag around his American-made stroller in narrow Japanese streets. Plus there’s the hassle of the whole folding the stroller and carrying his car seat and diaper bag every time we’d get off and on a bus or taxi. It’s little things but they stress me out. Oh and I forgot to mention all the staring that will happen from all the Japanese people we’ll come across. There’s always the option of using his carrier but with this weather, I rather not

Anyway, I put away all my stress and anxiety and just went for it because I had to and there wasn’t any other option.

We walked all the way from our house to the base. It took a good 15 minutes. We were gonna take the bus but I missed the bus I was gonna take. It wasn’t bad. Going down the hill wasn’t so bad. Liam slept through the whole walk. Also, it was good exercise. We actually arrived at our appointment 15 minutes early. We never been early for an appointment before so it was an achievement.

He weighted at 9lbs 10oz. He’s such a big baby now and he’s only 6weeks old. We have his 2 month wellness check in February so I’m sure he’ll be gaining more weight before then. Time flies.

Oh and because we made it to that appointment of ours we now get his milk free thanks to WIC. Total money saver cause he usually finished a tub a week. More money for diapers!

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