The Adventure Begins (My Birth Story)

December 10, 2014

At a quarter past midnight, we got into our car and rushed to the hospital because my water broke while I was laughing playing a round of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” with the husband. Before we decided to get into our car, we actually took spent a good 30 minutes debating whether or not my water really did break cause I was expecting it to be some sort of scene from a movie where my vagina would suddenly spill water like a waterfall

When my water broke it was more like poor bladder control, the kind when you laugh so hard a small amount of pee comes out of you, the only difference was that it wasn’t a small amount. At first I actually it was just pee so I got out of bed promptly and went to the bathroom. I was sitting there thinking I wanted to pee so more liquid came out of me. When I went to look at what came out of me, it didn’t look like pee. It didn’t look like just water too. It was cloudy misty white, that got me thinking. I was sitting there thinking if it was normal for pregnant people to pee like that when more liquid came out of me, it was then that I started thinking that maybe my water broke. The husband got worried cause I must have been there for so long that he went to check on me. We were talking through the door and because we both had no idea what was happening, we tried calling people to ask whether or not we should already go to the hospital. I was already 38 weeks and the instructions given to me on my last appointment was that if my water broke or if there’s bleeding I need to go to the hospital right away. My husband was convinced we needed to go to the hospital but not because he was sure my water broke but because he wasn’t sure what happened. He wanted to go to make sure everything is okay with me and the baby. I however, didn’t want to go unless I was sure it was something worth going there for but because he was already getting frustrated and giving me weird looks, we decided it was best to just go.

We didn’t have anything ready yet so we just brought our phone chargers with us. Our drive to the hospital was very chill, I was complaining about how I should have brought a change of underwear cause I was still “leaking” and I didn’t want to have dirty underwear when we get admitted to the ER, how disappointed I was that if this was it, it was nothing like the movies, how I have a baby shower that weekend and it would totally ruin it if the baby came before it happened, and a lot of other petty things. The husband nodding and laughing along with me but I can tell he was worried and everything was getting to him. It kinda showed in his driving.

We live a good five minutes to base so we were at the hospital in no time. We went up the labor and delivery wing but no one was there so we decided to just go the ER. We were the only ones there so the corpsman on duty attended to us right away. He asked what brought us to the ER so I answered I think my water broke. He confirmed how far along I was, asked for my ID and left the waiting room  then returned with a wheel chair. I was gonna refuse the wheel chair when I started “leaking” again so I just did what I was told. He wheeled me into the Labor and Delivery wing and got me set up in their examination room.

A nurse attended to me right away. She asked for my concern and so I told her how I started “leaking”. She made me change into a hospital gown, took my vitals and left. It took a while for someone to go back to us; they were having trouble finding me in the system because my ID had my married name but my records were in my maiden name. After little issue was resolved, the attending nurse returned and got me hooked up to all sorts of monitors. The husband couldn’t sit still the whole time we were waiting for the doctor to come examine me. We were told he was still in the operating room doing a C-section. When the doctor came he examined me, checked if I was dilated, stuff like that. He confirmed that my water broke and that he was gonna admit me already. He said I was only one cm dilated, I didn’t know what that meant so just nodded. When asked whether I was feeling any contractions I said no, cause I really wasn’t feeling anything, just that every now and then something would gush out of me.

We were put into one of the delivery rooms, I got hooked into more things. I had an IV and antibiotics in one hand, the heart monitor, the belt thing for contractions and the baby’s heart beat. It was my first time ever being admitted to the hospital in my whole life and already I had so many things attached to me. Every two hours someone would come into the room to check my blood pressure and ask me whether I was feeling any contractions. The doctor only came into the room to explain was we were to expect in the next 24 hours. Basically, it was I was gonna deliver the baby anytime today, they’re gonna wait for me to be fully dilated before they ask me to push, and if they feel I’m not dilating fast enough they’re gonna give me something to help it move faster, he explained the possible complications and his possible action plan to them is. Everything he was saying was overwhelming and a bit scary. We knew this day was coming but we didn’t expect it to be this soon. We assumed we had a at least two more weeks to get ready for this.

Since we were already told that it was gonna happen anytime today, we decided to let people know that we were already in the hospital. We messaged our family. Most of them replied right away. My Aunt in New York even gave me a little pep tal Our family got a little worried when it was already noon and there still wasn’t any signs that I was close to pushing. I was dilating slowly so they gave me something to help me along but even with that I was just 4cm and my contractions were still barely there. It wasn’t until 4 in the afternoon when I really started to feel those darn contractions. They were bearable at first but they were getting stronger and stronger. I already knew I wanted an epidural, I was so sure I wanted one that I already accomplished the paper work during one of my monthly appointments. When the time came that I asked for one, my nurse was trying to talk me out of it cause she thinks I can do normal delivery. I was pretty sure I can but I still didn’t want to risk it, the contractions were getting stronger and I didn’t want to wait till it was already too late to have one.

The husband was beside me the whole process. He slept through a good part of the morning but when the contractions were kicking in he was there for me to take all my frustrations on. I would catch him looking scared and worried for me from time to time. He kept saying how he wish he could take some of the pain for me and how hard it was for him to see me with so many tubes running through me.

Our friends Maria and Gerard arrived at the afternoon. The husband was able to go home to get changed and get a few things we might need cause we were told that we were gonna stay a while in the hospital after the baby was born. It was nice having them there cause it took some of the tension between me and the husband. I was getting so annoyed with him. Aside from the contractions it was all uneventful.

There was a little issue with the baby’s heart beat though. Every time they try to turn me to my left they can’t find the baby’s heart beat so I was on turned to my right all day. Then there was a time when the baby’s heart beat dropped for a period of time so they made me breathe though an oxygen mask, I think that’s when he got real worried.

It was already a full day and I still wasn’t dilated enough, even with meds. It was already around 9 pm when things started to move along much quicker. We were told that I would be delivering the baby before midnight. I started pushing by 10, even with the epidural I could still feel my contractions which only made me think how good of a decision it was to have one. I didn’t want to imagine how painful those contractions would have been if I didn’t have that epidural.

A little past 11 the doctor was already called in, I don’t remember pushing for so long before the baby was born. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 0001 on December 11, 2014, the same day the husband and I celebrated our second year anniversary of when we became official.

The moment the baby was given to me, I froze. I was staring at him, trying to process how that tiny speck I saw during my first ultrasound turn into this person I had in front of me. I was trying to see how that could be possible and trying to see myself in him. The moment I heard him cry, tears started to form in my eyes, it was then that hit me that he was mine. I don’t know how to describe that joy when it all sank it. I was holding him in my arms wanting to kiss him. The warmth he had was addicting. He was addicting. I didn’t want to stop staring at him. I didn’t want to share him with everyone. I did find him cute though, I remember turning to the husband telling him how we make cute babies and how we should make more. He just brushed it off and said not anytime soon.

After that it was all routine medical stuff.

We updated our family and there were congratulations followed by “send us a picture” requests. We didn’t get a lot of pictures of the birth like we originally planned. When you’re in that moment , I guess you can’t really think straight cause the husband kinda forgot he had a camera. We stayed in the hospital for three days before we were discharged. There was nothing wrong. It was all just protocol for them to keep first time parents that long to be monitored.

All in all, being in labor that long, wasn’t so bad. I’m not saying it was a piece of cake but hands up to the women who give birth naturally and without an epidural.

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