2014 Highlights

January – First week of the year, I picked up my (then) fiancé from the airport and a week later we got married. A lot of drama before we got to actually get married but we still got there in the end. After short honeymoon in Olongapo and a day trip to Batangas to meet up with relatives, I dropped off my husband at the airport not knowing when we’ll actually see each other again.

February – It was a month full of cakes. My mom had a birthday, my sister had a birthday and someone at work had a birthday. By the middle of the month, the husband decided that I should fix my visa so I could join him in Japan.

March – Met up with my fellow desert children for a loser’s birthday. Total fun and catching up with everyone. By the second week of the month, I’ve quit work and applied for my visa. A week later, I was packing my bags and leaving for Japan without any idea when I’ll actually get to go home. Early morning on the 22nd, my brother and sister dropped me at the airport for my flight and few hours later I was reunited with my husband.

April – It was full on paperwork mode when I got here. We processed our request for a house, my SOFA status and my military ID. Oh and we found out I was pregnant.

May – Had a tiny pregnancy scare. I was getting constant cramps that we thought there was something wrong with the baby, turned out we were just being paranoid. It was the first of my many trips to the ER of the year. Our request for a house was granted and most of all, we got the house we wanted.

June – The husband went underway. Heard the baby’s heart beat for the first time and got to see him in an ultrasound too.

July – Got my passport renewed to reflect my new last name. Met up with my classmate in college who was visiting Japan with her boyfriend. Went on a few adventures on my own.

August – Husband arrived earlier than expected. Found out that we were having a baby boy. Husband left to go underway for another two months.

September – Attended free concerts on base and did a lot of shopping for baby.

October – Met up with my friend from high school who was visiting Japan. Travelled alone to Odaiba for the first time. Got kinder chocolates after forever!

November – My high school coach came to stay with me while she vacationed in Japan. Got to travel to the airport alone via train (the non express kind). Went to Sanrio Land. Celebrated my birthday alone. Husband arrived and no underways for a while.

December – Had my baby and attended a Christmas party. Celebrated new year in the park with my family.

It was one hell of a year. With the baby here, I’m sure 2015 will be another one for the books. 🙂

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