Thankful List (2014)

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you guys had a good one.
This was my first real thanksgiving. We celebrated it with family of friends. It was a potluck and because I don’t have that much confidence in my cooking skills, I just ordered buko pie from someone I found online. Hopefully by next year I actually cook for thanksgiving.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are the things I’m thankful for.
  1. The Husband is Back – Their arrival date got move a day earlier so we were able to spend time together before all the Thanksgiving errands. Having him back home has made things easier. For one, I don’t always have to leave the house whenever I’m bored and when I do leave the house I don’t have to be alone. The whole over vibe is different when he’s here. I’m less sad and more relaxed.
  2. Baby’s Good Heath  – We’re down to out last weeks of the pregnancy and we were lucky enough not to have any serious concerns. Considering that we’ve been doing this whole thing blind, we managed pretty well. Hopefully, well enough that we have a very healthy baby.
  3. That the Husband Passed His Advancement Exam – My husband is finally a petty officer and fourth try was the charm. I think having all the other paper works and concerns settled gave him time to actually focus on what he was studying. I know that he’s been very pressured about the exam because all his friends already ranked. I’m very proud of him for passing not only his advancement but also his warfare boards.
  4. My Comfortable New Life – I’m not saying I don’t have problems or that my life is that close to perfect but I have most than what most people have. I have a husband who does everything in his power not to see me sad, friends who are genuinely concerned and a family I know I’ll always be a part off.
  5. Support of My Family – Even though I’m a timezone and a four hour flight away, they still manage to always check up on me to make sure I’m okay. They have their own issues and concerns but they still make me a priority. Especially for my dad who goes to internet cafes just to message me and see how I’m doing. That’s the thing about dad’s, no matter how old you are, you’ll always be his little girl. I miss them so much and I want to do more for them but I’m glad that we’re all managing.
  6. Friendships that last – Aside from my family, my forever friends have made everything about my new life easier. They keep me sane. It doesn’t matter whether we talk all the time or almost never, the bond is still as strong as ever. I especially love how they don’t judge me and understand all the nonsense that comes out of me.
  7. New Friendships – Moving has been one of the biggest decision of my life this year (aside from getting married). Moving was a gamble. We didn’t know whether we’ll actually be given a house or manage to live on our down but slowly things worked and it was our friends who helped us make things happen. From our old friends like Domeng who decided to sell us his car at a very friendly price and on installment to new friends like Maria and Gerard who we haven’t really known for a long time yet offered their house to us when we didn’t have a place to stay.

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