Happy List (Oct302014)

1. Daughtry

Got to catch the band perform live on base. It was part of the Navy’s Birthday celebration. I had a great time. I didn’t know most of the songs but I loved the energy. Was never the concert goer but because I have nothing better to do and it was free, I went. My little man enjoyed the night too cause he was kicking in my tummy during the whole concert.

2. Loser is finally available

She’s been too busy for me lately but I forgive her cause it was because of school. I finally have someone to bug. It’s been stressful not being able to vent out to her about my petty frustrations in life. I need to constantly be able to talk to her to keep me sane. We have this no judgement relationship and I can tell her anything and she’ll find a way to understand where I’m coming from. People need friends like her.

3. Facetime

Finally, got to Facetime with the husband and it only be weeks till he’s home. I love how he’s face lights up whenever he sees my face pop up on his screen. Also, he thinks I’m all cute even though I feel like I’m as fat as a snowman.

4. Kinder Chocolates

All the way from Canada. I’ve been looking for these chocolates since forever, the last time I had them was during my trip to Hong Kong with my husband who was then my Fiance. It was a good thing that my friend Kris was coming here to Japan for a 19 hour stopover from his trip to Korea. I haven’t seen him since that random time we met up back in college. It was flattering that aside from going to see the big Gundam robot, he took time to see me and catch up. Him bringing my requested chocolates was a big plus.  These chocolates reminds me so much of my childhood.

I have to pace myself with them though cause I can’t buy them from anywhere I am.

5. Authentic Indian Food

I’ve been bugging my husband to try one of the many Indian restaurants around with me but we never got around to it. The night of the concert, Maria took me to one of the restaurants she ate at already. It was the heaven! I’m so taking my husband there, he needs to love these things cause these things are the things I grew up to. He needs to share this passion with me.

2 thoughts on “Happy List (Oct302014)

  1. Mmmm….I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kinder Chocolates!! We actually have an Asian grocery and Indian Grocery, both of which sell them. Maybe worth checking out around your area…!? 🙂


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