Walking Zombie

I just may have the worst case of pregnancy induced insomnia. I’ve heard that when you’re pregnant it’s normal to have a hard time sleeping because of the pregnancy imbalance thing, but to constantly go to bed at 11pm and end up falling asleep at 6am is crazy. I’ve tried every position I can just so I’ll fall asleep but every time I’m remotely close to falling asleep, I’ll have to get up and pee. Then once I get up and pee, I’ll be back to square one. I’ll be in bed for a good two hours and I’ll end up frustrated that I can’t fall asleep so I’ll start thinking or random things. Mostly it’s random things like, what time I’ll need to get up, how many hours of sleep I think I’ll have, if I paid the bills already, if I’m gonna stay home the whole day or end up going out. It also doesn’t help that the husband only gets to email me early in the morning. So whenever my phone beeps, I rush to see if it’s an email from him. When I do catch his emails though I then to find it harder to sleep cause then I’ll be over thinking all of the things he said. For someone who doesn’t really do anything, I’m feeling stressed and I know it’s not a good thing. I did try using sleeping pills but the husband was so against it. He didn’t want me to be dependent on it but a girl needs proper sleep or else hell is breaking out. So yeah. I’m writing this with 4 hours of sleep. I was suppose to go somewhere but changed my mind, maybe tomorrow when I feel more rested.

Also, I’ve been obsessing over buying a new camera. I’m not really sure what camera I should buy though. I just know that I want one. I’ve already have cameras on mind but I still have to discuss it with the husband, I don’t really think he’ll say no. My birthday is coming up and he already mentioned before that he wanted to buy me a camera.

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